10 Chic Juttis To Add To Your Wardrobe: Give It An Ethnic Touch

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Versatility is essential to keep your fashion aesthetics on point. Juttis are the perfect footwear to add to your wardrobe. It is not only a festive staple but can be your comfort footwear as well because classic punjabi jutti are your best companion for any occasion. 

What type of jutti should I buy then? I hear your concerns. It could be intimidating with the number of options and styles available for juttis. Worry not! We got you covered. Here is your quick guide to the 10 punjabi juttis for women that are staples and could be the perfect fit for your shoe collection. 

Black punjabi jutti 

No color can be as classy and versatile as black. In apparel, home decor, art, and more, black has been used over the years and is still the most prominent color. Jutti is no exception, as the most stunning black punjabi jutti can save your day anytime. Whether for a festive function or a formal event, the black jutti can balance well with your outfit. 

The jutti design with sparkling sequins, embellishments, and intricate zari embroidery makes entrancing designs to suit your style. Pair your black jutti with your kurtis or classy trousers, and accessories well to elevate the overall appeal of your outfit. 

White punjabi jutti 

White is one of the best colors invoking elegance. The sheer purity of the color and its ability to go well with a vast diversity of colors and styles makes them perfect for making the white punjabi jutti. The white color is, for centuries, used in the apparel industry, so you must have at least one pair of footwear in this shade. 

Intricate patterns of embroidery or embellishment make the perfect companion for a white pair of jutti. It helps you embody the elegance you behold with the bold statement look. Add chunky jewelry for a bold look, or you can opt for minimal jewelry for that effortless look. 

Pastel punjabi jutti 

Pastel color palettes are taking over the fashion and design industry. The soothing and soft aesthetic effect of pastel colors makes them the most preferable color for many design fields. Fashion is no exception, the elegance and softness the pastel colors invoke make them the perfect choice to make leather jutti for women. From pastel pinks and yellows to blues, the pastel-colored jutti adorned with beautiful embellishments and embroidery makes the charming jutti. The versatility of the pastel jutti ranges from being a perfect fit for your dresses and kurti set. 

Bridal jutti 

A pearl studded bridal jutti with double cushion sole is your best companion on the most important day of your life. Ditch the pain of wearing heels and the worry of being cautious about every step you take and embody your charm with comfort. The intricate arrangement of embellishments and pearls elevates the regal vibes of these jutti making them perfectly fit for weddings. 

Casual jutti 

Sometimes, all we want is to relax and style. Avoiding the hassle of styling up, matching, and pairing your footwear and outfit. In such situations, minimalistic casual jutti are your besties that support you in your life. The designs of this mojari for women are kept simplistic and chic to make them more impactful with minimal detail. The designs adorned with the embroidery of tiny sequins and embellishments make them enticing. The minimalistic jewelry goes well with the appeal of your attire and aesthetics. 

Zardosi jutti

Zardosi is an ancient art of using gold and silver threads and infusing them into apparel and other fabrics like that in designer punjabi juttis. The intricate patterns of flora and fauna inspired by nature embroidered on the front and back of the jutti make them regal and evoke elegance. The vibrant base color of the jutti makes the zardosi design stand out elegantly. 

The zardosi stitch adds appeal to the jutti ten folds charming and perfect to add a dramatic element to your wardrobe.

Embroidered jutti 

Embroidery is an ancient art to adorn the footwear. The embroidered jutti includes the use of zari dori, vibrant colored threads, and such to create intricate patterns inspired by wildlife. The embroidered designs are enticing and evoke elegant vibes. They are perfect for formal events with your formal apparel. They fit like the last puzzle piece with traditional apparel. 

The right jewelry, like the jhumkis or the statement pieces, could elevate the aesthetics of your attire even more. 

Pearl studded jutti 

Who doesn’t like pearls? The smooth round pearls of varying sizes and appealing colors make the perfect pair of pearl studded leather jutti. They are most preferred to be used as wedding jutti, however, when it comes to fashion, the sky is our limit ladies. If you like the pearl juttis, style them as you deem fit. Embody the elegance of the pearl in your attire with these designer juttis. 

Floral design jutti

There are many designs that one could incorporate in punjabi jutti. However, nothing can beat the aesthetics of floral design. The delicate embroidered flower designs or the bold floral prints whatever it may be, the floral design fits your aesthetics well. The floral jutti are adorned with embroidery and shimmering sequins. 

They go perfectly well with modern outfits as well as the traditional ones. Accessories and the right style can make the aesthetics of your attire tenfold better.  

Printed jutti 

Printed jutti adorned with glimmering embellishment and embroidery makes the perfect modern design leather mojari for women. The wildlife-inspired print includes designs of flora and animals in vibrant colors to match the fashion aesthetics of women today. 

The printed jutti adorned with embellishment goes well with formal and festive ethnic wear to add a classy element to your attire. Accessories right, to match the vibe of your attire fine, and of course makeup for the win!

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