How To Setup Netgear Wifi Extender

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First of all, verify that the PC you have has connected to the router. Connect your WIFI extender via an Ethernet cable to the PC. If you are using a mobile device, use a wireless connection. Make sure you have linked your computer to the existing network of your WIFI router. After that, open and launch a web browser from your PC connected to the router’s LAN port only. In case you are trying to get into your router’s web-based administrative console outside of your Netgear WIFI Extender network, enable Remote administration. Learn how to setup netgear wifi extender, by reading this post.

Netgear WIFI Extender setup steps via

1. You will also require the external IP address of your WIFI extender to make this function.
2. And you can even enter that IP gateway address into the browser’s search bar.
3. Identify the IP address or the default gateway of your Netgear extender.
4. Most Netgear Extenders use a default IP address such as,,, etc.
5. If this does not work, then try Netgear extender setup via login.
6. From your PC, you can launch any web browser.
7. Unlock a browser like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, etc.
8. Now you have achieved the Netgear Extender setup and login page.
9. Here, you should enter admin at the username and password field.
10. Most of the Netgear extenders shipped with the default username and password. Usually, they use the word admin.

Click the login tab after that. And you will delightedly reach your Netgear extender admin panel using your PC.

Your Netgear range extender expands your home WIFI network by associating with your existing network. Netgear WIFI extender also improves coverage. You can perform the Netgear WIFI Extender Setup only if the device has connected to the same network. We highly recommend you use an Ethernet cable to connect your Netgear extender with the router. To login to the Netgear Extender management page, open a web browser. And then type or into the address.

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