Behind the Wheel: Unveiling the Features of the Latest Car Models in Dubai

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In the past, when people thought of luxury cars, they often pictured large limousine saloons. However, there have been significant changes over the course of time. While classic models like the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series still hold their place on the list, newer additions include various SUVs. 

Many of these SUVs now come with options for plug-in hybrid powertrains along with the traditional large diesel engines and V8s. Some electric vehicles have also made their way onto the list.

No matter the car’s design or engine type, what really matters is that it offers outstanding comfort for both front and back seat passengers, a smooth and quiet ride, and a luxurious interior. For many owners, these cars are also significant status symbols.

This list focuses on cars that provide incredible comfort, a delightful driving experience and a luxurious atmosphere for passengers. The top-ranking cars here offer more than just these qualities. 

For an even more elite level of luxury, you’d want to explore our list of the top used cars for sale in uae which includes Rolls-Royce, BMW and Mercedes models.

BMW i7 and BMW 7 Series

BMW’s commitment to asserting its dominance in the luxury car market is evident with the i7 and the ICE-powered 7 Series. While previous iterations of BMW’s flagship cars focused on driver enjoyment and passenger comfort, this fresh approach focuses on delivering a lavish experience and innovative technology.

The spotlight shines on the all-electric i7, which debuts first. However, regardless of the power source, the substantial presence of these BMW models ensures they stand out.

The interior is decked out in natural materials, and you can even go all out with cashmere wool-trimmed seats for an extra touch of luxury. There’s plenty of room to stretch out and get comfortable, plus a 31.3-inch BMW Theatre Screen for passengers in the back, making in-car entertainment feel like a treat. 

While the driver gets the usual big widescreen display, they’ve kept the iDrive rotary controller, so you can control things with your hands instead of just tapping on screens.

However, what really sets the i7 apart is the amazing comfort it brings to the table. The ride is smooth and well-handled, surpassing what its earlier versions offered. This new level of luxury, along with the quiet and polished ride, places the latest 7 Series as the ultimate luxury experience they’ve been striving for all along.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Although the latest BMW 7 Series has made quite an impact, there’s a good reason the Mercedes-Benz S-Class remains the go-to choice. Its most recent revamp was in 2020, with a strong emphasis on embracing digital advancements.

And it’s definitely succeeded in that aspect. The interior strikes a perfect balance between classic and modern, and the large displays manage to avoid the overwhelming presence that you often find in some other cars from different manufacturers. 

The way they’ve handled things like ambient lighting and connectivity is really impressive. While there might be a few small quirks in terms of ergonomics, the Mercedes S-Class for sale still stands out as one of the most comfortable cars today.  

If you’re looking for an electric option in a Mercedes, the Mercedes EQS is the one to check out. It’s a fresh approach to electric luxury cars and takes a unique path compared to the more traditional S-Class. But don’t worry, the S-Class still has a lineup that covers petrol, diesel and hybrid power options. 

The specific models might change, but you’ll usually have choices like the S350d or S400d diesel and the S500 petrol, which gets a boost from mild-hybrid technology. The diesel options are efficient and smooth, with the S400d offering satisfying performance. 

Range Rover

The fifth-generation Range Rover has come a long way from its original farm truck roots. It has evolved into a full-fledged luxury car that offers exceptional off-road prowess while trading off some on-road dynamics.

It has a brand-new design built on Land Rover’s MLA-Flex architecture. This framework incorporates 80% aluminum construction, providing a combination of lightness and strength. 

The Range Rover really steps up its game with finely tuned air suspension, 48V active anti-roll bars and even the option for four-wheel steering. This results in an incredibly comfortable journey and a level of agility that will definitely surprise you.

The new straight-six diesel engines, now with mild-hybrid support, are carried over from the previous model. They give you plenty of power and even when you drive energetically, they stay quiet. 

For those focused on green performance, the plug-in hybrid Range Rover P440e and P510e models provide up to 112 km of electric-only range. If you are leaning towards power and speed, a 523bhp 4.4-liter petrol V8 option is also available.  

No matter the model, the interior seamlessly combines classic comfort and quality with innovative technology. There’s ample room to relax, and Land Rover even offers an extended-wheelbase version for those seeking more space. Ultimately, the Range Rover excels in every aspect you’d desire from a luxury car for sale. 

Audi Q8

The Audi Q8 offers a fresh perspective on SUVs, and despite some enthusiasts’ reservations about the luxury SUV trend, this vehicle demonstrates why they’ve gained so much popularity. 

With its unique design based on the Q7, the Q8 stands out with a more visually appealing presence. But what’s impressive is that it maintains the same luxurious and inviting interior that Audi is known for.

Inside, it comfortably accommodates four adults at a height that gives you a commanding view of the road, allowing you to glide above the traffic. Its versatility and capability mean you’re well-prepared for whatever your daily routine throws your way.

When it comes to comfort and refinement, the Q8 truly excels. The driving experience feels light and refined, with stable handling that resembles a more traditional four-wheel-drive estate car. 

Audi offers a wide range of engine options, from six-cylinder petrol or diesel choices to eco-friendly plug-in hybrid petrol engines. And for those seeking more excitement, there are the Audi SQ8 and RS Q8 performance models that inject a serious dose of driving thrill into the Q8 experience.

Exploring Luxury Cars in Dubai

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In a nutshell, the world of luxury cars has evolved over time, embracing not just classic choices like the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series, but also welcoming SUVs into the mix. These cars don’t just offer a comfortable ride; they embody prestige, elegance and advanced technology.

Whether you’re intrigued by the BMW i7, the Mercedes S-Class, the Range Rover, or the Audi Q8, each car brings its own distinct appeal to the luxury car scene.

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