Affordable Living at Elitz 2: Explore Danube’s Payment Plans

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Welcome to the world of affordable living at Elitz 2, where dreams of owning a beautiful home become a reality! If you’ve been searching for your perfect haven in Dubai, look no further. Elitz 2 by Danube is here to exceed all your expectations and provide you with an unmatched payment plan that makes homeownership easier than ever before. Get ready to discover the wonders of Elitz 2 and explore its enticing payment plans that will make you fall in love with this incredible development even more. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the details!

What is Elitz 2?

Welcome to Elitz 2, a magnificent residential project by Danube Properties that is redefining the concept of affordable luxury in Dubai. Situated in the heart of Arjan, this stunning development offers a range of well-designed and spacious apartments to suit every lifestyle.

Elitz 2 boasts modern architecture that seamlessly blends style and functionality. The interiors are thoughtfully crafted with high-quality finishes and fixtures, creating an ambiance of elegance and comfort. From cozy studios to spacious two-bedroom apartments, there’s something for everyone at elitz 2 by danube payment plan.

But it’s not just about the beautiful homes; Elitz 2 also provides residents with a range of amenities that enhance their living experience. Enjoy leisurely strolls through landscaped gardens or unwind at the swimming pool after a long day. Keep fit at the fully-equipped gymnasium or spend quality time with family and friends at the BBQ area.

Conveniently located near major attractions like Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden, Elitz 2 ensures easy access to entertainment options, schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping centers. With its prime location on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, commuting to other parts of Dubai is a breeze.

In short, Elitz 2 offers an exceptional living experience at an affordable price point without compromising on quality or convenience. It’s time to make your dream home a reality!

How does Elitz 2 work?

How does Elitz 2 work? It’s a question that many potential homebuyers may be asking themselves. Well, let me break it down for you in simple terms.

Elitz 2 is a residential project by Danube Properties that offers affordable living options in Dubai. The development consists of well-designed apartments with modern amenities and facilities. But what sets Elitz 2 apart is its unique payment plans that make owning a home more accessible to everyone.

The first step is to choose the apartment of your choice from the available options at Elitz 2. Once you have selected your dream home, you can then decide on the payment plan that suits your budget and financial situation best.

There are several payment plans available at Elitz 2 to cater to different needs. These include easy installment plans, post-handover payment plans, and even rent-to-own options. Each plan has its own advantages and flexibility, allowing buyers to choose one that works best for them.

With the easy installment plan, buyers can pay a percentage of the total amount as a down payment and then spread out the remaining balance over flexible monthly installments. This makes buying a home more manageable as it allows for gradual payments instead of paying a lump sum upfront.

For those who prefer more flexibility after receiving possession of their property, there are post-handover payment plans available at Elitz 2. With this option, buyers can move into their new homes and start paying off the remaining balance over an extended period of time.

Another attractive option is the rent-to-own scheme offered at Elitz 2. This means that renters have the opportunity to convert their rental payments into equity towards owning their apartment in the future. It provides tenants with an excellent pathway towards homeownership without having to commit immediately or save up for a large down payment.

Elitz 2 offers various innovative payment plans designed to make homeownership more affordable and attainable for everyone. Whether you prefer easy installments, post-handover payments,

What are the payment plans available at Elitz 2?

Elitz 2 by Danube offers a range of flexible and affordable payment plans to suit every budget. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking for an investment opportunity, Elitz 2 has the perfect plan for you.

One of the options available is the easy installment plan, which allows buyers to pay just 1% per month until completion. This means you can secure your dream home without breaking the bank. With this plan, you don’t have to worry about large upfront payments or hefty interest rates.

Another popular choice is the post-handover payment plan. With this option, buyers can move into their new home and start paying in installments after receiving the keys. This gives you more time to arrange your finances without any added pressure.

For those who prefer a lump sum payment, Elitz 2 also offers cash discounts on selected units. By paying upfront, you can enjoy significant savings and own your property outright from day one.

With these payment plans at Elitz 2, owning a home has never been more attainable. Whether it’s through easy installments or cash discounts, there’s something for everyone here. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – visit Elitz 2 today and explore these flexible options!

Which payment plan is right for you?

Which payment plan is right for you? At Elitz 2, Danube offers a range of flexible payment options to suit different budgets and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at the available plans.

1. Down Payment Plan: This option allows you to make an initial down payment followed by monthly installments until completion. It’s ideal if you have some savings and prefer spreading out your payments over time.

2. Post-Handover Payment Plan: With this plan, you can secure your unit with a down payment, and the remaining balance is paid after handover in easy installments. This option gives you more financial flexibility as it allows you to pay off the property while living in it.

3. Mortgage Partnership Program: If you require financing, Danube has partnered with leading banks to offer competitive mortgage rates for eligible buyers. This program simplifies the home buying process by providing assistance in securing a mortgage loan.

4. Rent-to-Own Option: For those who are not ready to commit to purchasing upfront, Elitz 2 also offers a rent-to-own option where a portion of your rental payments goes towards ownership equity over time.

Choosing the right payment plan depends on your financial situation and long-term goals. Consider factors such as affordability, timeline, and future plans before making a decision that aligns with your needs.

Remember that these options provide flexibility and convenience so that everyone can find an affordable way to own their dream home at Elitz 2!



At Elitz 2, you can unlock the door to affordable living and embrace a lifestyle that offers convenience, comfort, and community. With its flexible payment plans tailored to suit different budgets and needs, Danube Properties has made it easier than ever for aspiring homeowners to make their dreams come true.

Whether you prefer the Deferred Payment Plan with its extended post-handover installments or the Down Payment Assist Plan that allows you to pay in manageable chunks before moving in, Elitz 2 provides options that cater to your financial situation. You can confidently invest in your future without compromising on quality or location.

With a prime location in Dubai Sports City and an array of world-class amenities at your doorstep, Elitz 2 is more than just a residential development – it’s a destination where families can thrive and individuals can find solace after a long day. The thoughtfully designed apartments combine style with functionality, offering spacious living areas bathed in natural light.

So why wait? Take advantage of the exceptional payment plans and secure your piece of paradise at Elitz 2 today. Experience affordable luxury like never before as you embark on this journey towards homeownership with Danube Properties by your side.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – discover how Elitz 2’s payment plans can help turn your dream home into a reality! Contact Danube Properties now and start envisioning yourself in the epitome of affordable living.

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