NEET Time Table: Your Blueprint for Medical Entrance Success

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It is very important to clear the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) to enter the medical field, in which the exam strategy and time table play an important role. It is very important to follow the strategy you have made to crack it, making a well structured time table will also be very important.

I have prepared this article in a well structured manner to cater to your query. A lot of research was done before writing this, after which I have given some important methods in this article, after reading the article you will be able to make a time table to crack your exam.

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How to make timetable

Week 1: Subject Review and Assessment

Day 1-2: In-depth review of biology and summarize details

Day 3-4 Physics: Try to cover the basics of

Day 7: Take practice test for evaluation

Week 2: Now study deeply on the topic you have read.

Day 1-2: Focus on Biology topics

Day 3-4: Chemistry: Dive into the topics of Organic Chemistry in depth

Day 5-6: Investigate electromagnetism in physics.

Day 7: Practice all the topics covered

Week 3: Mock Exams & Weakness Analysis

Day 2 & 3: Comprehensive NEET Simulation Mock Test

Day 3-4: Analyze your results and take a look at all your weaknesses

Day 5-6: Focus on your weak subject

Day 7: Review your progress and adjust your study plan

Week 4: Practice and Topic Clarification

Day 1-2: Start focusing on Biology Psychology

Day 3-4: Work on Cycle Chemistry

Day 5-6: Physics: Cover Modern Physics

Day 7: Give test practice with full depth

What things to pay attention to

Remember & understand your basics 

The biggest mistake students make is that they neither understand nor remember their basics. Try to understand the best time table for neet aspirants so that you can make time table of neet this is the first part in your basics so it is said that students should know their basics and try to understand them.

Read NCERT Books For NEET 

Follow NCERT books for your studies at the time of night study timetable for NEET because NCERT books are very beneficial for NEET students. Most of the questions come from inside these books, so when you read NCERT books, your chances increase that you can crack easily.

Set a target for yourself

Set a time table for NEET aspirants and follow it and set easy and small goals for yourself that you try to remember and understand a topic for 2 to 3 hours. By solving the questions and writing them again and again, your read remains in your mind for a long time.

Don’t focus on just one subject

After making the NEET topper timetable, do not try to focus on only one topic of your syllabus. It has been seen in the students that often children ignore all other subjects due to their focus on one subject, due to which they spend the whole time in the examination looking at each other. It is advised by Horizon Academy in Yamuna Vihar to concentrate on all their subjects.


Remember that there are some other factors more important than your daily study timetable for NEET that play a vital role in making you successful in the exam. Candidates need commitment to achieve that dream. However, for this your time table is important and making it is very useful for your examination.

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