Stacking Wedding Rings: A Helpful Guide

The layering or stacking diamond rings is viewed as a trend that combines several rings on a person’s finger. A stacked wedding ring consists of an engagement ring, a wedding band, and an eternity or anniversary ring. 

But remember, ring stacking doesn’t have to be wedding rings. You can use a combination of all types of rings based on your needs. Besides that, you can stack up matching rings or stack different types of rings. 

Wedding Bands

Ring stacking is an excellent way to display an individual’s personality, and the stacking process is not that difficult. Let’s learn more about stacking up rings through this post. 

  1. The Reason to Stack Up Wedding Rings

When it comes to stacking diamond rings, there are many reasons to do so. Many brides wish to wear two wedding rings around the engagement ring. It is mainly because the rings help create symmetry. 

It can symbolize security and will stay “locked in” with two wedding bands on both sides of the engagement ring. Apart from that, it will also produce plenty of sparkle on a person’s finger, which is something many women adore. 

Women who stack up their rings as the marriage keeps progressing will be reminded regularly about all the cherished and beautiful moments whenever they see the rings. 

  • Which Finger Should You Stack Up the Rings On?

The stackable wedding bands are primarily worn on the 4th finger, which is the “ring finger” on the left hand. The actual reason why the rings are worn on this finger is due to an ancient belief that it is a specific vein that runs from the 4th finger and straight to the heart. Although this belief was revealed to be incorrect or wrong, the custom still remains. 

  • Is It Possible to Stack Up Other Rings with the Wedding Rings?

Honestly, there is no restriction or a rule when you want to stack up your rings, and it’s also not a science but an art. So, you can use your creativity and opt for stackable wedding bands which will match your personality and style. 

You can also combine all the rings that you have. These rings can be made of various metals, such as rose, yellow and white gold. You can also go for rings that come with gemstones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and many more. 

You can also go for either chunky or dainty bands. It clearly shows it doesn’t really matter what type of rings you use for stacking. You should choose stackable wedding bands in a way that offers a cohesive appearance. 

If you want to match the rings from your favorite brands, make sure to purchase them together or choose properly by going to various designer brands and collections. But don’t hesitate to experiment. 

  • How to Select and Match the Rings?

There is no need for you to match up the rings. Jewelry traditionalists have pointed out that for the stacked wedding bands, you can mix the shapes, diamonds, and even the gems. You can also create a ring stack by choosing gemstones and metals of the same shade. 

This will certainly help you create a look of prestige, and the finger will carry a staggering sparkle. You will certainly like the style and be viewed as a classic. But the primary part here is you love the ring stack that you’re wearing. 

One Last Thought 

Stacking up wedding rings has become extremely popular among all brides. They offer an elegant and unique look and will surely enhance your appearance. You can wear wedding rings with engagement and eternity rings. Otherwise, get to stack up the wedding band with different rings to add a bit of sparkle to your ring finger. 

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