Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Is A Treatment Option For Menopause-Related Symptoms

Oestrogen gel is a kind of Hormone Replacement Therapy that is gaining popularity. You apply it to your skin once daily.  Gel can be an easy way to take HRT and doesn’t raise your risk of blood clots, similar to skin patches.  To lessen your risk of developing womb cancer, you will also need to take a separate progestogen if you still have your womb.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is also available as tiny pellet-like implants that are placed beneath your skin (often in the belly area) after local anaesthesia has been used to numb the area.  The implant progressively releases oestrogen over a period of months before needing to be updated. If you don’t want to bother about taking your medication every day or every few days, this can be a convenient choice. However, you’ll also need to take progestogen separately if you still have a womb.

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