Instantly Fix the ‘QuickBooks Detected That a Component Required to Create PDF Files is Missing’ Error

The printing errors in QuickBooks can be frustrating for users. These errors can restrict you from printing any file or document. One such error is “QuickBooks Detected That a Component Required to Create PDF Files is Missing.” One of the main causes for these technical bugs is the outdated QuickBooks software. Users using outdated software and not updating it can trigger these bugs in your system. So let us get an insight into the causes and the solutions for the error.

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What instigates the QuickBooks Component Missing Error Message?

  • You may run into the QuickBooks component missing an error message if you use an old Adobe Reader version.
  • An outdated version of QB can also cause this printing error in QuickBooks.
  • The error may also enter the system if the Microsoft XPS document writer is disabled.

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How to identify the missing component pdf error?

  • You’ll begin to experience printing issues.
  • The performance of the desktop will start to decline.
  • Users can also face problems opening the PDF file.

Solutions to deal with the QuickBooks missing component PDF error

Refer to the fixes mentioned below and implement them on your system to easily fix the QuickBooks missing component PDF error. 

Solution 1: Run the PDF tool from the tool hub

  • Download the tool hub on your desktop.
  • Check for its version if you have already downloaded it.
  • Accept all of the on-screen prompts.
  • Once you finish, make sure to agree to the conditions.
  • Launch the tool hub now.
  • Select the QuickBooks PDF & print repair tool by heading to the tool hub and choosing program problems.
  • Be patient while it runs.
  • You should now attempt printing or saving a PDF from QuickBooks once more to see whether the error persists.

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Solution 2: Try to print from another program

  • Open Notepad by searching for it on your computer.
  • Go to the file after entering some text there. Choose print now.
  • Print after selecting the appropriate printer.
  • Check if you can print.

The users can try to install their QuickBooks again and check if the printing error still pops up. Check if your QuickBooks is updated if you still see a similar error. As said earlier, not updating QB can pop up many errors in QuickBooks.

Final thoughts!

The users should take the help of the solutions above to rectify the “QuickBooks Detected That a Component Required to Create PDF Files is Missing” error. If you still have any queries, feel free to ring us at 1-855-856-0042 and speak to the experts directly. They will guide you to fix this error with some instant fixes.

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