QuickBooks Hosting Mode is Off: Precise Analysis & Easy Solutions

QuickBooks’ multi-user hosting feature is readily utilized by QB users for accessing the company files stored on the server through different workstations attached to the network. However, there are some really troublesome errors, like the ‘QuickBooks Hosting Mode is off’ Error, that can hinder QB users from operating the multi-user feature to get swift access to the data file. Here’s a full explanation of this highly irritating problem, along with suitable step-wise troubleshooting methods.

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Different Reasons That Provoke ‘QuickBooks Hosting Mode Not Working’ Error

  • The ‘QuickBooks Hosting Mode Not Working’ error manifests due to the reasons detailed below:
  • Incorrect configuration of hosting setup on the server computer can easily provoke this technical issue.
  • If certain QB services like ‘QuickBooksDBXX’ & ‘QBCFMonitorService’ are not functioning on the server computer, then this error can swiftly arise.

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How Can ‘QuickBooks Hosting Mode is Disabled’ Error Be Tackled?

The ‘QuickBooks Hosting Mode is Disabled’ error can be rectified using the methods given below:

Method 1: Validate the multi-user hosting setup on your server computer in order to fully tackle this problem

  • Simply proceed to the server computer on your network and then launch it with full admin rights, following which you shall just need to access the QB Desktop application installed on it with complete admin privileges.
  • After that, identify & access the ‘File’ menu inside the QB Desktop application and then tap on the ‘Utilities’ tab so that you are able to strike on the ‘Host Multi-User Access’ option.
  • You have now successfully enabled the multi-user hosting on your server computer, and you must proceed to the ‘Company’ menu to easily tap on the ‘Set up Users & Passwords’ option.
  • Thereafter, just click on the ‘Setup Users’ button following which you can choose the ‘Add Users’ option in order to successfully add all those users that will have access to the QB data on the server.
  • All the changes done above should now be saved by tapping the ‘OK’ button & then you will have no hindrances while utilizing the multi-user feature in QuickBooks.

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Method 2: Operationalize essential services in the QB Desktop application installed on the server computer

  • After accessing the server computer, you shall tap the ‘Windows + R’ keys together in order to get the ‘Run’ window & then you must type ‘services.msc’ in the ‘Run’ window so that you can finally get the full list of different services by hitting the ‘OK’ button.
  • Now, locate the ‘QuickBooksDBXX’ option on the on-screen list, after which you must double-click on it, and then you can successfully select the ‘Automatic’ option located inside the ‘Startup Type’ menu.
  • Afterward, choose the ‘Start’ option for ‘Service Status’, and then you can easily shift to the ‘Recovery’ tab in order to strike on the ‘Restart the service’ menu.
  • At this step, simply choose the ‘First failure’, ‘Second failure’ as well as ‘Subsequent failure’ options provided within the ‘Restart the service’ menu, following which you can hit the ‘Apply’ & the ‘OK’ buttons to save the fresh settings.
  • Now, just repeat the above steps for ‘QBCFMonitorService’, and then you shall be able to swiftly utilize the multi-user feature on any workstation.

Accurately implement these two methods to eradicate the ‘QuickBooks Hosting Mode is off’ Error. For further help & guidance, dial 1-855-856-0042 to easily reach out to our QB Specialists Team.

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