The Technical Reading Glasses Allow You To Read While Lying Down

Technology allows us to have extraordinary reading glasses in our lives.

The world’s first 3D newspaper, when retailed, has a pair of reading glasses for each 3D special issue. All the images and advertisements in the 3D special issue are presented in 3D, while the text content is still 2D. Given the high production cost of 3D newspapers, there are currently no plans to launch more 3D newspapers.

According to professional electronic product media, after wearing special glasses, keep your eyes at a distance of 50 centimeters from the 3D special issue, which can achieve the best viewing effect. At the same time, it should be noted that reading 3D newspapers in a well lit environment requires a few minutes of adaptation time to begin reading 3D newspapers.

A portable reading glasses that can be folded to the extreme, with a foldable metal bracket made of titanium alloy in the middle, which has 10 times the elasticity of ordinary spring steel. This foldable glasses can be folded and placed in a keychain box, which can be taken out when needed, uses optical grade polycarbonate lenses. Due to the use of a suspended nose brace to support the glasses, this pair of glasses may not be very strong for Asian Americans who do not have a strong nose, but its beautiful appearance and portability are worth owning.

Reading glasses that allow you to read while lying down.

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