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This luxurious hand scrub, made with sugar, Lavender Hand Cream, and all things wonderful, will leave your hands feeling smooth and supple.

One of the ougo-to’sos for Homemade beauty recipes is Lavender Hand Cream UK, which has a relaxing scent and may be used in conjunction with hydrating and exfoliating components for optimal results.

No need to wash your hands.

Cleaning, gardening, working, and cooking are just a few examples of the many tasks that need the use of our hands every day. All the while, they are unprotected from the indoor and outdoor environments we often encounter. On hot or windy days, it’s understandable if they feel a little dry and itchy. This is particularly true if you’re inside an air-conditioned building.

Lavender Hand Cream?

Because of Lavender Hand Cream UK‘s naturally calming characteristics, this scrub is ideal for giving our hands the TLC they need. Taking the time to conduct a hand scrub is not only relaxing, but also a terrific mindfulness practice; it forces you to stop, think, and smell the Lavender Hand Cream.

This scrub may be used every day to nurture your hands while also removing dry skin and exposing softer skin below. Besides being a natural exfoliator, sugar is a substance that most of us already have on hand. Lastly, busy hands will appreciate the antioxidants and Vitamin E included in Almond oil.

The formula for a Lavender Hand Cream UK Hand Scrub

Specifically, you’ll need:

  • one-half cup of white granulated sugar
  • 12cupsp of sugar, raw
  • 1/4 cup Dr. K’s Cannabidiol (CBD) Sweet Almond Moisturizer Body Oil
  • Add 2 droppers of Dr. K’s Lavender CBD Oil.
  • Optional: 1 tablespoon of dried lavender
  • Bowl for combining ingredients
  • Jar or container with a wide mouth


Put both types of sugar in the bowl. Add the almond oil gradually while stirring. You may add more or less water depending on how wet or dry you wish your scrub to be.

Mix in the Lavender Hand Cream and, if using, the dried lavender.

To use, wet your hands and use a little amount of scrub in circular motions. Warm water should be used to wash away any remaining oil. If you’d like, use a hand lotion afterward to keep your hands soft.

You may use this scrub whenever you choose, but it is most relaxing before bed when you can reap the calming benefits of Lavender Hand Cream UK and allow your moisturizer to soak in.

Put away in a container with a tight lid.

Follow the instructions carefully, and keep it away from your eyes and face. If irritation develops, you should stop using it. Do not leave within the reach of youngsters. If you still have a hand scrub after a week or two, throw it away.

Oil of Lavender for Sale

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