Amazing Other Ways to Use Crayon Lipstick

Crayon lips, oh boy! They add a dash of fun and color to your overall look. But if you use the wrong color, a bit of orange can completely change the entire character of your lipstick.

To know how to get the right shade, read on and learn the five most effective ways to apply crayon lipstick.

1. Apply a few different colors and blend them

Most lipstick tints don’t make a fully tinted look, so you need to play around with a few different shades before choosing the right one for you. If you don’t want to stick with one color then it’s best to apply three different ones.

The first color you apply can give you a nice color, but you can always try the one which looks like you have on your face. Also, if you apply one color, it can get a bit heavy so mix in the second color and see if you can get a nice transition.

2. Apply a darker color than your actual color

When you think of the right shade of lipstick for your skin tone, you’d apply a shade darker than your actual color to avoid looking too dark or too light.

Apply a darker color to get a more flattering result. Also, applying the darker color as well as the lighter color means that the eye will perceive an even tone of your skin. If your skin is too light then you will want to apply the darker color. If your skin is too dark then you can also try the other way round, applying the lighter shade.

3. The color you use is often a big consideration

So far, we’ve talked about how to choose a color, now let’s see what colors look good on our skin.

You need to remember that not all skin colors match, so depending on your skin tone you may find it hard to find the right color. For example, darker skin tones are best suited for a pink or a red shade, whereas you will prefer a soft peach or peachy color if your skin is too fair.

The best way to go about choosing a color is to choose a color that you like and it also matches your lips – if you like the color, it’s going to look good on you.

4. You can also mix in a tint

Not all crayon shades are equal and there’s a bit of science to them. A dark crayon shade such as brown can come across as a dull color, but a light or golden brown may look nice.

To mix a tint, apply the shade that you think will work, but then add another shade so that the tint gives you the desired result.

5. Apply a matte lip crayon

Even though crayon is not a matte lipstick shade, applying a matte lip crayon will still make your lips look more natural.

If you apply a glossy lip, you will see that it looks like it’s wearing the glossy, because that is what the color is on the lips, so it’s what you will see when you apply lip color. So the opposite is true of matte lip crayon – because the lips will look like they’re wearing the color itself, there’s no need for a glossy liquid lipstick.

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