How Indian Ancient Art and Culture Can be Successful in Business?

India is a country of billions of people, and everyone is trying to be self dependent and earn money either by joining office or establishing new business. But doing a business is not possible for everyone. Many people are striving in the same industry. There is a lot of competition in the market amongst the people who are involved in the same business. But still, some of the are standing above their competitors and growing fast. This is where the credit lies. It is the hard work, dedication, and research that is showing the result. 

India is a country of different types of people with different choices and a lot of other differences. Many scopes are scattered here and there, we need to find it out and nourish them. India has a lot of natural resources and if we can nurture them, anyone can bring out something really new and a great idea. 

Making jewelry, wall hangings, and handmade keyrings can be very fruitful because of its never ending demand not only in India but also around the globe. 

India produces a huge amount of Golden Fibre i.e Jute a,d it can be used in various ways to establish a profitable business.

Being a reputed handmade Jewellery Manufacturers in Kolkata, India, Wardrobe, has introduced a huge range of beautiful handmade jewelry that can be a great business idea as the demand of jewelry is never to be dropped.

We offer you an exclusive collection of handmade jewelry in the following categories

1.   Terracotta pendant set and earring 

2.   Dokra pendant set 

3.   Fabric jewelry

4.  Jute pendant set and earring 

Let’s have a quick view to them to understand why to go ahead with this:

Terracotta pendant set and earring : Our exclusive collection would keep you in fix about which piece to choose for buying. We have two kinds of jewelry in this segment. They are:

  • Terracotta pendant set
  • Terracotta earring

Terracotta pendant set

Terracotta originates literally from the Italian translation: ‘baked’ or ‘cooked earth’. In other words, this word was borrowed from Italian vocabulary: terra (“earth”) + cotta (“baked”). Terracotta clays are often rich in iron and are made from a type of porous clay.

The history of this natural element goes back to the era of Indus Valley Civilization that remained prevalent from 3300 to 1700 BC. The exquisiteness of Terracotta can be grasped from the fact that a myriad of prehistoric Terracotta artefacts had been discovered in India, mainly in the form of deities.

We , at Wardrobe, are trying to keep the ancient Indian culture alive in the form of jewellry that has a great demand all around the globe due to many reasons. Our eminent designers from the remote area of Bengal are giving life and colour to clay with the magical touch of their imagination and art. Bengal’s pride is now deliverable to the rest of the world as the piece of art by the best handmade jewelry manufacturer and supplier in kolkata, India.

Terracotta earring
A small earring can change the total style statement of every woman . Be it office, college , party o r any other occasion, only an earring has the power to create a stunning look. The beauty of our terracotta earrings catches the eyes of women of all generations as earrings go well with all kinds of dresses including western wear and eastern wear. It is a hot favorite among teenage girls even as they start putting on earrings for the first time.

Buy Terracotta Jewellery Online from Wardrobe and be fashionable.

Fabric Jewelry

Women love to use jewelry and it has been the part of their daily life. For this reason, this needs to be light weighted, fashionable, trendy and pocket friendly also. Here, comes the idea of fabric jewelry which has been proven to be super successful .Customers come back to us repeatedly for the freshness we provide in the form of Fabric jewelry. Worli, hand-painted designs, designs with Cowri, kalamkari are the varieties of styles of our exclusive fabric jewelry collection. Our new set of fabric jewelry collection comprises various kinds of stitches, small glasses, beads, wool, colorful threads as elements. 

Dokra pendant set Jewelry

Dokra is one of the oldest fashion forms in the culture of Bengal. Dokra collection reminds people of classy, ethnic, old style of fashion that will never be outdated. The colourful threads add a vibrant look to the various designs of Dokra pendant set jewelry. There are both glossy and matte looks in this segment to be liked by all kinds of women irrespective to their age and style.

Jute pendant set and earring

Jute is widely known as golden fiber, as the name suggests the lightness makes it as precious as gold and looks like it shine like gold too. Rock your special occasions with the fashionable and stylish jute jewelry i.e. super light, most elegant and fashionable.

Wall hangings

Let’s decorate our house too with the huge range of fashionable and trendy wall hangings brought to you by the best decorative wall hangings manufacturer and wholesalers in Kolkata, India. Let others appreciate your choice and be it a very good business idea too at very affordable prices.

Handmade keyrings
Keys are the most valuable things in everyones’ lives and come first to be the most forgettable thing or kept here and there. Be it your home keys, or car keys or office keys, tie them in separate key rings made by Wardrobe , the best handmade keyring manufacturer in Kolkata, India . The different patterns and styles are made to solve your different purposes. It’s a great idea of a good business also as people have to use different types of keys and the demand will never decrease. They are smart, budget friendly, and a remarkable gift idea too your loved ones.

Designer jute and canvas bags

Wardrobe has brought eco-friendly Jute and canvas bags which are easy to maintain and carry in style. They are cost effective and cheaper than plastic or paper bags and at the same time environment friendly. They are durable and capable of carrying more weight as compared to other carry bags. These bags can be essential for daily use. As the usage of bag is never to be decreased, it can be a good business idea in long run.

Hand painted Jute bags

Wardrobe has brought new collections of eco- friendly jute bags. We have launched hand painted bags of different colours and sizes made of Juco, Jute, Canvas and so on. We have made simple bags look different by designing them with handcrafts and paintings. Some hard-working artists from unknown villages of India, have joined us to bring out some excellent pieces with the touch of their brush and paints on these jute and canvas bags. You will be in trouble to choose your bag from the collection of our stock where the bags will be hard to choose due to uniqueness and each stand out from the other. has brought many business ideas while using the ancient Indian art and culture and keeping them alive with their work. Feel free to contact and grow yourself with them.

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