Too much power? The Hennessey F5 Revolution is a 1,842-PS trackday special

We at AutoFun Philippines love our track days, especially since nearly all of us are racing drivers.

Indeed, many carmakers make track-focused versions of their sports cars with nicer bits like stiffer suspension, bigger brakes, stickier tires, a more aggressive bodykit, and even a roll cage.

The Hennessey Venom F5 Revolution, however, isn’t really a track weapon – it’s more like a track bazooka.

The American specialist carmaker unveiled the newest variant of its Venom F5 lineup on January 2023. And beneath its bewinged engine cover lies a twin-turbocharged 6.6-liter gasoline V8 with 1,842 PS and 1,617 Nm of torque.

All this muscle is coursed through a 7-speed single-clutch sequential gearbox to the rear wheels. Hennessey claims that the F5 Revolution can hit a top speed of over 400 km/h.

Stability over top speed

The aforementioned top-speed figure may not seem impressive, given that Hennessey has recorded the regular F5 coupe at 437 km/h.

However, the reduced top speed is a result of all the aerodynamic changes done to keep this track-focused F5 on the tarmac. These include a huge carbon-fiber front splitter with dive planes (or “canards” to some).

Look up, and you’ll see a roof scoop that shoves more air into that boosted V8. And finally, the adjustable, carbon-fiber rear wing provides 363 kg of downforce on the rear axle at 300 km/h.

Other vital changes to the F5 Revolution include a revised transmission calibration, uprated suspension with adjustable dampers, carbon-ceramic brakes, wider alloy wheels, and an optional telemetry package that can record everything from lap times to G-forces.

Race-car cockpit

Step inside the F5 Revolution, and you’ll get pretty close to the full racing car experience.

You are swallowed by huge, carbon-fiber bucket seats and grasp a steering wheel that wouldn’t look out of place in the pointy end of a Learjet. There’s also a modest-sized screen that displays how quickly you’re headbutting the horizon.

The cabin features exposed carbon fiber abound with minimal carpeting. Swaths of red leather cheer up the otherwise spartan interior.

Hennessey said all the revisions to the F5 Revolution mean that it has a kerb weight of under 1,360 kg. Put another way, it weighs as much as one Honda Civic RS Turbo but has more power than 10 RS Turbos.

The company said it would only produce 24 F5 Revolutions at an eye-watering $2.7 million (around ₱148 million) each, as of press time.

Would you want to drive over 1,800 PS to your favorite racetrack?

Source: Too much power? The Hennessey F5 Revolution is a 1,842-PS trackday special

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