Most trusted pets grooming Abu Dhabi salon services

As a pet owner, you must be looking for a great grooming service to pamper your small furry pet. Ninetails is a mobile business that strives to conveniently bridge busy schedules and long trips to the pet salon.

“Bubbles on the go” is a bubble on the go in the city! Our mobile pets grooming Abu Dhabi will eagerly arrive at your doorstep in time to meet your furry pets in Abu Dhabi. Along with a large service area, it is a pet salon that offers pet care packages including cat care, dog care, bird care, and rabbit care. Service durations are displayed below each package to help you plan your schedule effectively.

Personally, I find it easier to use this business with my own pets: to book appointments, find prices and services, and more! Your website is only as efficient as your service. As a result, my pets always look forward to seeing the lovely staff, as they have treated my loved ones with care and love.

Also, there have been a lot of good reviews from friends and family circulating before trying it out. So, it’s time to tell everyone that we are the best cat and dog grooming Abu Dhabi services.

Affordable mobile salon services in Abu Dhabi

The prices of the services offered by Ninetails vary according to the category of pets (dogs, birds, rabbits, and cat grooming Abu Dhabi), the package you choose, and if you choose additional services. Let’s see what options they offer.

Pampering pets quickly and effectively is their specialty! Ninetails Pet Grooming Van is available for all pet owners in a hurry.

Why do you know how to treat pets?

Older dogs, or those that become anxious or aggressive when you try to groom them, need to be handled with care and trust. If you have conditions like back pain or arthritis, professional grooming can help your dog not have to be excessively lifted or handled.

Professional care offers health benefits

Professional grooming not only makes your dog look and smell good and reduces the amount of time you spend grooming him, but it also has health benefits such as:

  • Regular (but not frequent) bathing helps remove dirt and prevents skin irritation.
  • Detangling prevents the coat from tangling and causing painful pulling on the skin.
  • Using the right brush for the coat type will help remove damaged or dead hair and allow a new, healthy coat to grow.
  • Gentle brushing will distribute your dog’s natural oils and exfoliate him.
  • Handling while grooming allows for early detection of lumps, bumps, and skin irritation.
  • Nail trimming reduces the risk of broken or cracked nails and postural pain.

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