Pet home grooming van services in Abu Dhabi

Crazy pets offer Pet Home Grooming Service for pet care in your own vacation home, apartment, or office. Your furry pet will never leave your home when you book with crazy pets. it’s simple. A self-contained, fully-equipped Pet Grooming Van will be delivered to your home and your pet will be professionally groomed on-site. This service is carried out entirely in your own air-conditioned van. Our experienced pet stylists will take care of your special friend without the hassle and trauma of driving across Abu Dhabi for grooming appointments. Call us today and let us show you why crazy pet is the best choice for mobile dog grooming, cat grooming, bird grooming, etc! At Crazy Pets, we care about fur babies!

Why choose our pet home grooming service

Friendly and experienced groomer: Both cats and dogs need to get used to their groomers in order to relax. Our team of professional groomers can build a relationship with your pet in no time. Don’t be surprised to see them play together after just a few sessions.

Safe Grooming Station: Most pets find it difficult to control their emotions while visiting a pet salon. With our mobile hairdressing service, you don’t have to worry. Visit your pet’s natural habitat and pamper and care for it like never before.

Quality Grooming Products: We are not just “ANOTHER” pet home grooming service. Yes, we are groomers, but above all, we are pet lovers. We want to provide the best possible care for your pets when they are with us. The shampoos, conditioners, and other products we use are the best in the pet care industry.

Zero health problems: You can be sure that your beloved pet will receive a hand-sanitized grooming experience from a professionally trained and gentle dog and cat groomer.

Save time: Traveling by car is fine for most pets, but for some, it’s a really scary experience. But with Pets in the City, you don’t have to put your pets in that situation, saving you travel and waiting time. Our grooming vans are just a phone call away and will be there in no time. Pet grooming just got easier!

Individual attention: For those looking for ‘pet home grooming service’, Crazy pets is the ideal choice because pet comfort is our number one priority. Our travel dog grooming service is designed to give each pet individual attention.

Home service: Whether you’re looking for “cat or dog groomers near me”, our expert services are available from the comfort of your home. Recommended for pets who do not like to go to grooming salons.

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