How to write quality papers and essays quickly

Writing a term paper differs from working on a maths problem or reading a chapter in a book. These activities, while frustrating, always seemed more limiting than the monumental task write my essay. You don’t just open a book and start working. You must brainstorm, research, sketch, design, edit, and add those pesky quotes. But I spent years writing and developed a habit of producing papers in record time and saving time and lengthy writing process. Here I am sharing this process to help you write your thesis faster.

To understand the task

For me, the ultimate time waster when I write my essay or term paper is writing something that doesn’t even answer my professor’s question. So, feel free to ask your professor for clarification on any part of the assignment you need help understanding. Remember, asking for clarification because you don’t understand doesn’t make you stupid. But if you were working without understanding, that is silly. 

Students spent hours researching and writing papers on topics utterly different from those assigned by their professors. No matter how good your job is, your grade will stay the same if you wrongly answer the questions. So, take the initiative and clarify the assignment with your professor. It also reflects your interest and commitment to the task, which will only improve your grades.

Research the topic with full efficiency

Once you understand the task, you should start researching the topic. When I research the topic to write my essay, I usually spend at most 30 minutes researching each page of my paper. As you spend more time, you reach a point where your earnings start to decline. Don’t worry about needing more information.

If you need more information after you begin writing, you can always do more research. The first research session will give you enough material to start writing. Go to libraries and databases, find sources, take notes, and start writing.

Create a flat outline

Since I learned the traditional method of outlining papers in schools, I felt my system was broken. I never outlined with bullet points and numbers, and letters before writing a piece. Then I only thought of one because I had to submit it in my final thesis. When I entered college, I developed more effective outlining techniques to write my essay and research paper.

A flat outline works because it reflects the writing process. No one sits down and writes with a perfect idea of what they will say. Discover what to say in the process of writing. The flat outline provides enough structure to conquer the dreaded blank canvas while leaving room for exploration.

Create the perfect writing environment

Well, you have a solid grasp of the topic, have done your research, and are ready for a flat outline. Now you have to sit down and write, but not so fast. Where you write makes a difference. After procrastinating, the biggest obstacle to writing a term paper quickly is a distraction.

You’ll spend hours jumping between paper and distractions without a focused environment. To ensure concentration, you must create a writing environment that allows for writing without hassle.

Follow the standard structure

When I write my essay, my goal is always to meet the assignment requirement and the professor’s expectations. You’re not trying to break new ground in your field or redefine how you use English. To be structure agnostic, choose and follow your field’s standard structure.

Preserve the originality of your discussion and pay attention to the reading material your professor assigns your class. This should give you an idea of the academic conventions to follow at work. 

Focus on quality over quantity

If the final page count of your paper is 5-7 pages, you may be tempted to write a 7 or 8-page essay. After all, more is better, right? Incorrect. Every professor I had in college always said they preferred an excellent 5-page paper to a good 7-page paper.

Trying to drag it out may water down the discussion. Consider this if you’re not sure. I rarely write my essay more than the minimum number of pages and consistently get A’s in English, History, Religious Studies, and Education. Knowing this, why should I write more than necessary? It’s not just a waste of time and effort; it can even backfire.

Write the conclusion and introduction last

One of the biggest hurdles when I write my essay is imagining introductions. For this reason, the introduction should not be written until the main part of the work is completed. It seems like a counter-intuitive approach, but give it a try. This method circumvents what has happened to me countless times. After writing the piece, I realise my intro doesn’t match the final report. The same applies to the end.

Don’t edit alone

It would be best if you had privacy and focus when writing drafts. But if you’re editing, having someone else review it will speed up your work. Why? Because you’re essentially blind to mistakes in your writing. You’ve been looking at drafts for so long that you can’t spot them with fresh eyes.  

There are several options for finding someone to help edit. Ask a trusted friend to read the paper for you but don’t expect them to be editors. In my case, I used to find an expert who could help me write my essay for me before the final submission and provide expert feedback.

Bonus Tip: Take help from a writing expert

This tip isn’t necessarily part of the paper writing process, but it can make a big difference in the speed and quality of your writing. At my university, I tried to work with an expert who could write my essay for me and provide genuine guidelines and opinions to improve my writing skills.

This was a significant benefit, but it went beyond just speed. I also found that my research skills improved significantly, and the quality of my discussions and analysis. You should connect with an expert if you want to improve your writing. Good writing skills are always an advantage in college and beyond.

Following the fundamental guidelines for an argumentative essay, write an essay opposing. The introduction of the essay lays out the main points for the body of the writing. After that, there are three body paragraphs: In the second paragraph, the first supporting factor is discussed; in the third, the second supporting argument is provided; and in the fourth, the pro arguments are presented to demonstrate the existence of opposing views. 

There has been a long-running debate, and given the rise in mass shootings and the likelihood of terrorist attacks, it will likely remain a contentious issue. Here, we have assembled a helpful guide to assist you to write my essay on any kind of essay on this controversial topic. 

Essay Topics on papers and essays quickly

Picking an intriguing, memorable title is the first step in writing a pro-essay. If you aim to capture the reader’s attention and make them aware of a subject, you should pay attention to the significance of such a step. Keeping the audience interested and willing to dig deeply into the topic is essential. Check out our advice if you need help determining which title to pick.


After all, writing a term paper is still a lot of work. But if you follow the above mentioned process, you can do it faster without compromising quality.

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