How to choose a good IVF doctor?

According to a recent survey, 80% of infertility-suffering couples acknowledged that their infertility journey would have been shorter if they had chosen the best IVF Doctor at the correct moment. Before putting their confidence in and selecting the final IVF doctor at the best IVF centre in Jammu, a couple often consults with two or more of them. In addition to wasting your time and effort, this has already cost a lot of money in test costs and medical visits. By assisting you in selecting the ideal IVF specialist at the beginning of your infertility journey, good research may help you avoid these unnecessary additional costs and expensive testing.

Typically, a couple is first confused, baffled, and misinformed when faced with the hard truth of an infertility diagnosis. And because publicly seeking assistance is often not an option for couples, infertility is seen as a taboo in society. Therefore, the only option left to find out the best doctor for IVF is to search on Google or read online reviews. Please don’t make this mistake as this is not the right way to select a good doctor for IVF as IVF is a very complicated process and selecting a doctor only on the basis of online reviews can definitely cost you a lot in terms of money and health.

Success Rate of IVF on the First Try

Most couples are facing infertility issues today. According to a recent survey, 1 in every  6 couples suffers from infertility globally which is why many are hopeful when it comes to IVF as this process has given amazing results to many across the world. The entire clinical and laboratory team has a role in the IVF procedure’s success rate. This is extremely essential to notice because numerous IVF cycles are difficult due to the expensive cost of IVF and the psychological suffering that couples undergo. In one research, waiting to get pregnant throughout the IVF treatment was associated with more anxiety. 

A group of competent medical professionals in Jammu deal with this problem by keeping a clinical specialist on call around-the-clock and a Reproductive Health Psychologist on staff full-time to respond to inquiries and offer emotional support.

How to Increase Your Chances of IVF Success

There are different ways by which the likelihood of IVF success could be increased which are listed below

By maintaining a healthy body weight

It’s crucial to keep a healthy weight when using IVF and reproductive treatments. We are aware that IVF success rates are impacted by being overweight (BMI 19) and obese (BMI >35). Additionally, being overweight makes it more challenging to monitor the ovaries during IVF and raises the risk of problems during egg retrievals. Changing diet and increasing exercise level can help one reach a healthy weight. These objectives can be attained by working with nutritionists and, in certain programmes, by participating in cardio metabolic weight loss programmes.

By maintaining a healthy sperm health

Specialists in male infertility believe that taking multivitamins, keeping a healthy weight, and wearing boxers instead of briefs might all help sperm quality. Men can also be started on drugs that can assist increase sperm quantity and quality, which can improve the success of IVF, with the proper care. Sperm taken directly from the testicle over ejaculate may also be helpful in some circumstances.

By trying to be stress-free

Natural and assisted conception rates may be impacted by basic stress levels. One of the hardest things for couples to achieve is reducing stress issues throughout an IVF stimulation session. According to several reports, using acupuncture and other stress-relieving methods, such as signing up for mind-body programmes, stress reduction, and resilience training courses, can enhance pregnancy results.

By quitting smoking as soon as possible

Smoking has a negative impact on the quality of the sperm and eggs, which can significantly reduce the likelihood of success during IVF. However, you don’t have to go it alone. It is difficult to stop smoking, and frequently takes both professional and a lot of personal help. Engage your friends and family to support you throughout the process. Structured programmes and/or pharmaceutical support have shown to be most effective for quitting smoking.

By keeping patience

To get an embryo for transfer, many patients need more than one IVF treatment, and results might differ greatly from cycle to cycle. Your doctor might be able to change the medications to improve a subsequent cycle if your initial cycle wasn’t successful. Try not to let poor results and failures demoralise you. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you have no control over the majority (if not all) of this. Nobody wants to feel out of control, yet occasionally letting go may make the trip easier to bear. Don’t blame yourself when things don’t go as planned just keep patience and think positive 

The advantages and disadvantages of IVF


  • IVF offers the best chance for women who have blocked or damaged fallopian tubes to conceive using their own eggs.
  • IVF can be used to increase elderly patients’ chances of getting pregnant.
  • IVF has a substantially better likelihood of success than spontaneous conception for couples with a male infertility issue.
  • Patients with PCOS who cannot conceive with ovarian stimulation have had great success with IVF.
  • Patients who have endometriosis, might choose to consider IVF because it has been effective in this group.


  • Patients frequently need to go through more than one cycle of therapy before they are successful, and the success of IVF is not guaranteed.
  • IVF has a tiny risk of developing adverse effects as a medical procedure, the most serious of which is severe ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome.
  • Multiple pregnancies are more likely with IVF procedures because more than one embryo is frequently inserted back into the uterus. About 20 to 30 percent of IVF pregnancies can result in multiple pregnancies.
  • The chance of an ectopic pregnancy rises following IVF therapy, to 1-3%, especially in women with compromised fallopian tubes.

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