How do I pick a contractor to build or fix my HVAC system?

Installing an hvac installation system (heat pump, air conditioner, electric or gas furnace) will make your home more pleasant for the entire family. Or perhaps you need the one you already have fixed? Comfort Expert, a heating and air conditioning company in Montreal, has written this blog article to ensure that you get a qualified installer or repairer.

Make some inquiries

Find out the names of businesses by asking your friends and relatives who they have done business with. Ask them their thoughts on the service they received while you have the chance. Additionally, conduct some online research and spend time visiting the websites of businesses that interest you. In any event, confirm that the business provides its services in your area and investigate its reputation by reading online evaluations.

Obtain business permits.

HVAC system installation and repair should unquestionably be left in the hands of professionals like us. Inquire of a company whether it is authorised to perform the work by the Régie du Batiment du Québec when you get in touch with it. Depending on the kind of system you have and the amount of energy utilised, this licence must also include the following categories:

  • The following categories are necessary for hydronic and forced air systems: 15.1 / 15.4 / 15.8
  • The following categories for the energy utilised in your system are necessary: Electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, and propane are all listed as 16 and 15.2, respectively.
  • The following category is necessary for heat pumps and air conditioners: 15.10.
  • Additionally, Category 16 will still be necessary if the maintenance or installation involves electrical work.

Have you spoken with a representative of a home business? When buying an hvac replacement system, make sure he has a permit from the Office de la protection du consommateur and get a signed contract for the job to be done.

Be sure to have protection.

Inquire about the company’s civil liability insurance to finalise your decision. In the event of damage or an accident resulting from the work, you will be covered if your installer or repairer is insured.

Our crew at Confort Expert is fully licenced and insured to do all necessary heating and cooling work in Montreal. Would you like to take advantage of our professional services for the installation or repair of a heat pump, an electric or gas furnace, or an air conditioner? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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