Toyota rules Thailand with 289k vehicles sold in 2022

Based on sales data obtained by Headlight Mag, 2022 was a healthy year for vehicle sales in Thailand with 849,000 units sold throughout the year. It was an increase of 11.8% compared to 2021 (759,119 vehicles) and the Kingdom’s best-selling brand is Toyota.

The triple ellipses brand sold 288,809 vehicles in 2022 which translated to a 34% market share. Though it is the best-selling brand in Thailand, the best-selling car wasn’t a Toyota but rather the Isuzu D-Max.


Thanks to the D-Max’s sales, Isuzu is the second best-selling brand in Thailand with 212,491 units sold in 2022 with a 25% market share overall. This sales figure combines the D-Max and MU-X sales (195,945 units) along with sales of the commercial trucks (16,546 units).

Taking third place and very much behind in terms of sales is Honda with 82,842 units sold. This gives it a mere 9.8% market share. Mitsubishi and Ford round up the top 5 brands with 50,385 and 43,628 units respectively.

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While the Japanese brands take up the majority of the top ten brands, Chinese brands are quickly wooing Thai buyers. MG (27,293 units) even outsold Nissan (22,521 units) to be ranked Thailand’s 7th best-selling brand in 2022.

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Meanwhile, GWM which was only launched in Thailand in 2021 sold 11,616 units in 2022. Though it is only placed 11th behind Hino in sales, that is still an impressive achievement for a very young brand in a market that is still leaning more towards Japanese brands.

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A total of 264,681 passenger cars were sold in Thailand in 2022 with almost half of them (150,237 units) under the Thai Eco Car segment. Commercial vehicles accounted for most vehicle sales with 584,319 units and in Thailand this includes SUVs (82,975 units) and ladder-frame SUVs/PPVs (66,579 units) aside from pick-up trucks (388,296 units).

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Source: Toyota rules Thailand with 289k vehicles sold in 2022

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