Incorporate Timestamps To Promote YouTube Videos In 2023

If there’s one thing we can say for sure about internet users, it’s this:

They demand quick responses to their questions.

Because you have to watch a video until the presenter gets to the part you want to know about, it might be challenging to get quick answers. (A blog article allows you to jump around.)

If viewers continually click away before seeing the main content of the video, this might have a disastrous effect on those crucial watch-time stats!

However, there is a way to draw more attention and improve those crucial indicators. Simply adding timestamps to your videos is all that’s required!

Users can access a certain section or piece of information by clicking on the clickable links in your video description. They appear as follows on our ways to promote YouTube videos:

You can be as precise as you wish with the titles of each section (keywords are a bonus!) so that readers can jump right to the information they desire.

You must type the time in your description in the following way to establish a timestamp: hh:mm:ss will instantly generate a timestamp link.

For instance:

  • 00:00:10
  • 00:10:13
  • 01:20:25

To name the “chapters” in your film, place a description in between each timestamp.

You must include a 0:00 timestamp in your description and chapters must be at least 10 seconds long in order to use the chapters feature.

Utilizing timestamps also improves your chance of being listed in Google’s critical moments feature.

Google recognises important video anchor points and links to them on the search results page.

You may view a brief guide on adding timestamps from YouTube’s free Creator Academy here:

Use keyword tags on your videos to fully optimise them for YouTube

By carefully choosing your keywords, you can use YouTube tags to raise the position of your videos.

Tags are elaborative keywords you can add to your video to help users find your material if you haven’t done so already. While tags are helpful if the content of your video is frequently misspelt, your movies’ thumbnails, titles, and descriptions are more crucial for increasing its discoverability.

The easiest strategy to choose your tags is to look at a well-liked video in your field and incorporate its keywords into your tags.

To find out what tags videos include, you can utilise programmes like TubeBuddy or VidIQ. In this illustration, TubeBuddy is used.

This video includes a good balance of tags that define the content more precisely, like “how to prepare quick pancakes,” and tags that are more general, like “cooking.”

The better, more evocative, and more pertinent to the subject of your video. Instead of using single words, try using sentences!

Make Use Of The Community Tab On YouTube To Engage And Excite Your Viewers

Community is highly valued on YouTube.

They want the content that they love to be shared and interacted with by producers and their viewers. They gauge this, for instance, using metrics for user engagement like:

  • Likes.
  • Dislikes,
  • Comments.
  • Likewise, “ringing the bell.”

People will visit and join your community if it is active and making use of these features, which increases the likelihood that YouTube will promote your films.

By including calls to action at the conclusion of your films, where you invite viewers to like, comment, and “like,” you can improve these metrics.

However, there’s more.

You can use the new community tab feature on YouTube if you have more than 1000 subscribers.

Here, community members can communicate by pinning, hearting, and leaving comments. Additionally, you can heighten interest by:

  1. audience polling to generate additional subject suggestions
  2. organising a Q&A
  3. postings in communities
  4. sharing relevant live streams and videos.

Increase Interest in Your Upcoming Video With The Premieres Feature

Setting videos to Premieres is another fun tool available on YouTube.

This enables producers like you to advertise the video before it goes online, just like a movie or TV programme premiere!

A Premiere can be made in 5 simple steps:

  • Select “Upload” from the menu.
  • Access the “visibility” tab.
  • Specify the day and hour you want your video to go live.
  • Pick the “set as premiere” radio button.
  • Select “Schedule” from the menu.

And presto! You used Premiere to make a video.

A shareable “watch” page is generated once your video is set to Premiere so that viewers can see it as it becomes live. Until then, you can promote your Premiere and interact with people on this page.

Check out these articles to discover more about some of the top online community platforms, how communities may help your online business expand, and how to create your very own online community.

Make YouTube videos for your channel to attract more viewers.

Don’t be misled:

People enjoy interacting with really brief content, such as what you may see on TikTok or Instagram Stories, even on YouTube.

YouTube created Shorts for this reason. They are brief, vertical videos that don’t last more than 60 seconds. (You can read more about them on YouTube’s official page here.)

Shorts can be a simple approach to get people’s attention and encourage them to watch your most recent video.

Simply said, the objective is to be seen.

Using YouTube’s video creation tools, you can make a YouTube Short, or you can upload one made somewhere else.

The best aspect is that there are no prerequisites for creators to begin using YouTube Shorts; anyone may start using this function. You only need to:

Be careful to shoot or crop your video vertically.

Make sure your video is no longer than 60 seconds.

To enable YouTube to index the video as a Short and add it to the “Shorts Shelf” that displays on the YouTube site, use the hashtag #Shorts in the title or description of the video.

You may learn more by watching VidIQ’s in-depth video addressing all of your questions about YouTube Shorts:

Work Together With Other YouTubers To Gain More Attention

The community of YouTube users is unto itself. So participate in it!

Find like-minded creators whose audiences overlap with yours and work together to create original content.

This is particularly well-liked among YouTube gamers who frequently work together by playing cooperative games like Among Us: The Game.

Working together is advantageous since it exposes both YouTubers to new viewers.

Additionally, this is the ideal opportunity to use YouTube Live. You can live stream with a bigger channel and be seen by their subscribers if you have a smaller channel that wants to grow its subscriber base.

Consider watching Nick Nimmins’ video on how to approach collaborations if you need assistance getting started:

Finishing this

We’ve reached the finish line at last!

We acknowledge that it was a lengthy article, but we’re glad you persisted.

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