An EV Supercar from China: Meet the all-electric, 1,305-PS YangWang U9, courtesy of BYD

A bright-yellow paint job, gullwing doors, and 0 to 100 km/h in just two seconds.

No, McLaren hasn’t brought out a new hypercar, but this YangWang U9 electric supercar can likely give the fight to whatever Europe has at the moment.

Chinese electric-vehicle (EV) manufacturer BYD debuted its all-electric YangWang U9 supercar on January 2023.

Its mind-boggling performance is courtesy of four electric motors, one for every wheel, that pump out 326 PS each. Since BYD is the parent company, the U9 will likely feature the brand’s “Blade” battery pack.

Standout styling

Even though YangWang is a new brand, launching on November 2022, the U9 seems like a supercar ready to hit the streets.

The McLaren-esque face is courtesy of the huge, bracket-shaped LED headlights that lead up to louvers on the hood, which presumably help with cooling and downforce at higher speeds.

The car’s two-tone paintwork is all the more apparent down the side. Gloss black goes on the roof and the lower section of the doors, ahead of the large cooling vents.

The U9’s rear end seems to take inspiration from the Audi R8, especially with its full-length LED taillights. A massive rear diffuser implies that this Chinese EV means business.

And finally, one unique styling cue is the large, clear fin that runs down the U9’s louvered engine cover. YangWang has not mentioned what it is for, but it could help with directional stability.

The carmaker said the U9 would be a “million-yuan” supercar, equivalent to around ₱8.11 million as of press time.

Do you think the YangWang U9 has what it takes to duke it out with Europe’s best?

Source: An EV Supercar from China: Meet the all-electric, 1,305-PS YangWang U9, courtesy of BYD

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