Service your car at the CARSOME Service Center and get a RM 50 discount on your first visit

Navigating the pre-owned car market used to be akin to dealing with the devil but CARSOME aimed to change that perception by bringing trust and transparency to the entire process. Similarly, finding a trustworthy mechanic can be an equally daunting task but again, CARSOME aims to address that with the newly opened CARSOME Service Center that brings the same clarity to servicing your car.

CARSOME Service Centers (now available in Petaling Jaya and Ampang) use quality spare parts, lubricants and fluids fitted by certified mechanics for your peace of mind while behind the wheel. You’ll be provided with an upfront estimate for transparency in the billing as well before work is carried out.

Now you might be thinking, “I didn’t purchase my car from CARSOME though, can I still send my car there?”

Of course you can. The CARSOME Service Centers cater for all cars, even those not purchased from CARSOME.

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In conjunction with the opening of the first two branches, CARSOME is looking to make it easier on your wallet with a RM 50 discount on your first visit. However, this offer is only valid for the first 20 bookings for a service appointment with a minimum spend of RM 98.

If you’re wondering why the oddly specific amount, it’s related to the carefully curated service packages offered by the CARSOME Service Center. RM 98 is the starting price for the Essential package and as the name suggests, covers the essentials with an oil change.

It’s recommended for every 5,000 km or 10,000 km and covers the following:

  • Engine oil replacement
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Oil drain plug washer replacement
  • Windshield washer replacement

There are more comprehensive service packages offered as well that cover the air filter, brake fluid, transmission fluid and coolant replacement. These packages start at a higher premium and are recommended based on the mileage interval of the car. However, customers can also opt for individual repair jobs.

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If you’re unsure regarding the exact nature of servicing your car requires, fret not. There’s a FREE 20-point inspection that will see the qualified mechanics give the car a comprehensive check to help identify areas that need immediate attention to rectify.

The 20-point inspection covers everything under the hood; including electrical components, the undercarriage for leaks, wheels & tyres, brakes, and the interior.

After the inspection is done, customers will be informed of the areas or specific components that should be replaced or rectified, together with an estimate of the costs involved.

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Speaking of which, to redeem the RM 50 discount you’ll need to book an appointment. You can do so with these 4 simple steps:

1. Click here to register

CARSOME Service Center will contact you via Whatsapp to share the booking link and RM50 voucher code

3. You can redeem the voucher when you visit the service centre

Remember to do this quick as only the first 20 bookings for the Essential package or above will be applicable to the RM 50 discount.

The CARSOME Service Center even accepts walk-ins although to save time, it’s always best to make an appointment and avoid a potentially longer waiting period.

Operation hours are Monday – Saturday from 8.30 am – 5.30 pm and they’re closed on Sundays as well as public holidays.

Source: Service your car at the CARSOME Service Center and get a RM 50 discount on your first visit

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