Top Two Construction Equipments from Volvo and Ace

The construction industry in India has seen a spectacular growth in recent decades. Be it about building residential projects, commercial buildings, or public infrastructure as a whole. Our nation is developing at a greater pace, further contributing to the GDP. 

Identifying such massive growth there’s an increasing demand for infrastructure equipment among the construction leaders. A lot of new products are making their way to the infra-market. These new products fall under several ranges of equipment. For instance, backhoe loaders, forklifts, cranes, dozers, and so forth. Several leading heavy-equipment manufacturers are launching their new range of machinery. For instance, Volvo and Action have come up with some of the excellent construction equipment. 

These two popular construction companies have spectacular features ideal for heavy-duty tasks. This explains the reason as to why they are so popular among the Indian infra industry. 

We in this blog however, are going to talk about two of its best-selling machines. Hence, let’s begin with the blog. 

Featuring ACE 12XW and Volvo EC140DL Construction Equipment  

Crane and excavator models play a vital role in construction and demolition work. The crane model from ACE and the excavator from Volvo are two of the most popular models in the market today. 

The ACE crane model is popular due to its high-performance and reliability. Additionally, the construction professionals use this crane for a variety of tasks. Be it about building massive structures or lifting heavy materials. This crane has all the advanced technologies. For instance, advanced control systems and safety features. All these features make it the 1st choice for construction professionals.

On the contrary, the Volvo excavator has versatility, durability, and ease of use.  This machine can handle complex excavation tasks. These tasks include digging and grading. The Volvo excavator additionally comprises high-performing engines that deliver excellent work efficiency. 

Now, let us closely look at the specific features of ACE 12XW and Volvo EC140DL. 


Action construction equipment came up with an excellent model of Crane; ACE 12XW. Soon after its launch it became popular among the construction leaders. This is due to multiple reasons. To begin with, this crane comes with an excellent operating weight to maximise work productivity. Its maximum speed is 28 Kmph and has a boom length of up to 6 Metre. Now, talking about its gross vehicle weight, it is around 3085 Kg. The ACE 12 XW crane is engineered with 12 Tons of maximum lifting capacity. These spectacular features of this crane helps in shifting, loading, unloading, and moving materials.Above all, this crane has a starting price range of INR 13 Lakh and goes up to INR 15 Lakh in India. 

The ACE 12XW. The crane is indeed a reliable and efficient equipment for catering to heavy construction tasks. So, this was all about the ACE 12XW heavy-duty construction equipment. 

Now, moving forward, let’s discuss the next top construction equipment in India; Volvo EC140DL. 

Volvo EC140DL

The Volvo EC140DL is a hydraulic excavator model manufactured by Volvo Construction Equipment. With an operating weight of 16730 Kg, it has a powerful engine power of 105 HP. While the lifting capacity of this excavator is 3500 Kg, its maximum bucket capacity is 0.64. Moreover, this Violvo EC140DL can dig up to 6030 mm. 

This massive excavating model delivers excellent efficiency and reliable power. Additionally, the model comprises an advanced hydraulic system that helps in delivering high digging force and precise control. 

This excavator is also popular because of its comfortable cabin design for the operator. Apart from the comfort aspect, the excavator has several advanced safety and security features. For instance, its automatic engine-shutdown system. 

The machine also has a feature that warns about low fuel. What’s further interesting to note is the focus of the brand towards sustainability. Yes, this Volvo EC140DL is designed to reduce fuel consumption, noise, and emission levels. Now, if you’re willing to buy this excavator, you would definitely be interested to know its price range. So to answer your question, this excavator from Volvo has a price range of INR 49 – 51 Lakh. Henceforth, this excavator is definitely worth buying equipment for Indian construction professionals. 

So, these were some of the key features of the Volvo EC140DL excavator and the popular crane; ACE 12XW. Now, let us wrap up this blog by recollecting some important points.  

Final Thoughts  

Both the ACE crane and Volvo excavator models are designed to deliver maximum efficiency, productivity, whilst ensuring safety. Whether you’re working on a construction project, demolition work, or any other heavy-duty application, these models are the best investments.

 In conclusion, the ACE crane and Volvo excavator models are important equipment for any heavy-duty project. Furthermore, they ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Hence, whether you’re a highly-experienced contractor or a new infra professional, these models are sure to deliver results that surpass your expectations.

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