Scholarship Guidelines for Minority Women Who are Returning to College

African-American women in the United States can find many ways to finance a college education with the help of grants and scholarships. There are a lot of scholarship programs provided by organizations to minority women. Some scholarships are generally awarded to each woman.

The criteria for these scholarships differ according to the organization. Certain scholarships are awarded to students in particular states or counties within the state. So let’s get detailed information about minority women scholarships for college.

Tips for Application Procedure

Women seeking grants or scholarships must know the deadlines to submit their applications. Most programs have a predetermined time in which applicants submit their applications to become eligible for the grant or scholarship for a precise time. However, when the deadline has passed, applicants must wait for another time to apply.

Financial Aid for Minority Women

Every higher learning institute has financial help department that can assist women in knowing- which scholarship she’s eligible for. The first step for minority women scholarships for college to get financial aid or any other kind of aid is submitting your free Federal Student help application. But if your institute doesn’t have one, then you can go for USA Grant Application, which will help you apply for the required grant.

Certain Scholarships for Minority Women

Lots of scholarships are specifically provided for African-American women to fight the historical inequity of economic opportunities faced by African-Americans in the United States. 

Bellevue Alumnae Inc. Scholarship

The Bellevue Alumnae Chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta was founded in 1989 to help East Side communities and offer support to college-bound young women. The applicants must be female high school seniors of the minority category. The application process for this program is given on their website. If a minority women scholarship for college wants to apply for this scholarship program, they must follow the guidelines given by them.

The Essence Scholars Program

The Essence Scholars Program is awarded to female college juniors attending an accredited university or college. 

  • The university or college is required to be part of the United Negro College Fund, or the applicant is in Howard University or Hampton University.
  • The applicants to the Essence Scholars Program must have a 3.0 or more GPA and show a need for financial aid through the FAFSA application. 
  • The scholarship is granted to five female students of African descent every year.

The maximum amount any student can be awarded from this program Essence Scholars Program is $10,000.

The Dr. Julianne Malveaux Scholarship

The Dr. Julianne Malveaux Scholarship is for African-American women who are pursuing journalism, economics, or other closely related areas at an accredited university or college. Writing or political science might be considered associated fields.

  • All applicants must be able to show at least a 3.0 or more grade point average and be United States citizens. 
  • They also have to submit a 1,000-word essay on the subject and topic given by them.

The National Scholarship

Any minority women scholarships for college, who is a high school student from a minority category with a grade of 3.0 or more is eligible for The National Scholarship.

  • Each applicant must submit two letters of reference, a detailed 300-word essay, and the most recent transcripts from high school. 
  • The application procedure to apply for The National Scholarship Program is more complex than other scholarship programs and must be done exactly.

Bottom Lines

If you are a minority who wants a grant, you must do proper research about the category and apply with an expert’s help. USA Grant Application will be a big help in getting the required grant, so visit their website now.

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