Metal Signs Made to Order in Michigan

Metal signs are sometimes elegant. They undoubtedly have a lengthy past. Due to its resistance to breakage, damage, and destruction, metal is one of the most frequently used materials for signs. But that’s not the ideal justification for creating customised metal signs custom for your company. The biggest justification is their stunning appearance and the flair they bring to your company.

How Do Metal Sings Work?

Since certain metals, like aluminium, were affordable and durable, they have been utilised for signs for a while. Metal signs have altered, though, due to advancements in modern technology and sign-making methods. Usually, old vintage metal signs were painted on the metal, which was typically steel. They typically included a slogan along with a company emblem or a picture of a person using the company’s goods or services. On the borders or other parts of the design, they occasionally possessed hammered textures.

Metal signs from now are extremely different. Many are employed for workplace lobby or doorway lettering. Metal has a highly authoritative appearance and a very professional vibe. The names, letters, or logos of businesses that offer professional services, such as legal firms, dentist and medical offices, colleges, and institutions, are sometimes fashioned as three-dimensional wall signage.


If you operate in a profession like accounting, metal signage is excellent for company workplaces. Metal lettering looks fantastic, endures well, and subtly conveys competence to customers. If you work in a professional position, having your client’s trust is essential.


Today, aluminium is the most common metal used for signs. In comparison to steel, aluminium is relatively lightweight, easy to work with, and doesn’t rust. Metal can be used for flat signage, although three-dimensional lettering on signs made of aluminium is more common. They can have a matte surface that looks excellent on a wall sign or a glossy lustre.


Metal signs have a variety of applications, such as wayfinding, branding, and outdoor advertising. Metal is frequently used for parking and street signs since it is resilient in all weather conditions. Large metal signs and smaller ones for parking lots and other outdoor spaces can both be created by Michigan Custom Signs for your company.


The price of metal signs might vary, just like it does with other custom signage, depending on their size, kind, number of labour hours, and materials. Requesting a quote from Michigan Custom Signs is the easiest approach to learning the cost of custom metal signs.

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