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As cliched as it may sound, education does puts person on a different pedestal … certainly a higher one !! The younger generation that wants to make it big without putting in too many years to academics would arguably differ but evidences show that the classic way of education has a direct relation with a bright future. It is our moral responsibility as the best school in Greater Noida West to assure that the generation next understands, accepts and imbibes it. Education helps in developing a holistic being of any person. Beyond just the academic parameters, I wish to share the other aspects where education plays an important part.

Education helps in building a socially stable individual. An educated person is able to make his way to the top where the divide between genders of socially outcast person is diminished and the only label he has of the education he carries.

Education is the key to for a person to live his dreams. Though a fundamental right, not everyone has access to education and the ones who are lucky and privileged enough to have it are the ones to covert their dreams into goals and materialize the same. As a school that gives quality education, Best International School in greater Noida carves out road maps for its students to live their dreams and achieve them by carefully stepping to another level each day.

Education is that powerful agent of change which improves health, livelihoods and can contribute to social stability. It is the single weapon that fights ignorance and superstition. Logic is enhanced, analytical thinking is improved and understanding of ideas is taken a level where we find beliefs being justified or nullified.

Education is as important as skill. Though we might advocate that skills are imperative but education provides that stability on which we can always rely as a fall back plan. In any field, the requirement of educationists is always there and sometimes the course of action does go as planned in life. Never the less, life must go on and an honourable standard of living is the need pf the hour. This sustainable living can always be sought from the education in the field.

If we look at the immediate short term benefits of education, I must say that higher the education, higher the salary slabs. Once you attain a particular level in your area of work, stagnancy draws in and promotion come to stand still because of the education not surpassing a particular level.

Education brings about the development of 21 st century skills. Skills like problem solving and critical thinking are all enhanced with education. Good schools impart education that blend the 21 st century skills with the basic knowledge that books have in store. Practical handling of issues, decision making and creativity does not come easy to an uneducated individual but come naturally to a human who has had the power of education.

Education carves a clear and non-debatable route for a bright future. Education makes us feel empowered. Education gives us the power to fight all odds. Be educated and make the world a better.


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