What Is A DID Number And How Do Your Customers Benefit

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In this digital ecosystem, technology plays an important role in all fields. Even the brands and businesses we see today use different phone systems that run on technology. Brands and companies use technology to reduce time and increase convenience for consumers.

But customers often have to navigate chatbots and automated phone menus to reach a call center agent to resolve their questions. It can reduce the customer experience. Also, navigating through menus and chat points to contact customer care becomes tiresome after a few tries.

Brands and companies should use direct dialing (DID) services to be easily accessible to customers. 

What is a DID number?

A DID number is a popular phone service that acts as a virtual location. Here, the customer can directly call the special phone number associated with the brand representative. 

DID numbers give customers an extension to contact a specific agent without spending time, instead of waiting in line, going through chat or going through menus to reach an agent.

KingAsterisk allows you to assign a personal number to each employee without the need for a separate physical phone line to reach customers. 

This is a smart number that allows you to handle your business calls the way you want.

The simplest use of DID numbers in Indian businesses is to trace incoming customer calls. This is usually accompanied by a friendly IVR greeting that routes the call to the correct agent based on their input.

What is a DID number used for?

With VoIP technology, incoming calls to the PBX can be routed to home workers. It can even be routed through CRM software, improving customer tracking and service quality.

DID numbers extend telecommunications capabilities along with digital PBX. A PBX can handle group calls and group calls. Digital phone systems can carry video as well as voice calls, and even integrate calls into collaboration and social media platforms.

KingAsterisk’s DID technology transform companies by creating more flexible business strategies behind the scenes and presenting a unified image to the world. Cell phones can be called and number distribution can be changed in minutes. 

DID numbers can also help integrate long-distance telecommunications into the corporate structure and consolidate multiple workplaces into one office.

DID numbers allow businesses to relocate without losing their prestigious telephone area codes, even allowing businesses to eliminate offices altogether.

Does your business need a DID number?

There are endless reasons why a business might need a DID number. Not only does this benefit your business, it also helps customers gain profits.

Easy to manage:

DID numbers automatically route customer calls to the correct agent without having to scroll through multiple phone numbers. The correct agent selection is based on the customer’s IVR input.

Better control:

All incoming customer calls are routed and tracked by DID number. This information can now be used to easily resolve customer phone issues, confusion or disputes.

Sound capable:

DID signs help you give a good and professional image to your business. It also maintains a good relationship with your customers which is very important for the survival of any business. All this comes without much investment.

Detailed analytics:

Note that you can monitor incoming customer calls, missed calls, customer conversations, and agent activity. DID numbers can also be used to get better results in a blink.

Job number:

Customers are the only thing a business needs and no business can afford to lose a customer because of a few phone numbers. A DID is a number that acts as a single number for all businesses.

Now all your business, your customers, and your team are tied to one number. It leads to loss of customers, loss of customer data and many phone numbers.

Scale your growth:

DID numbers are not limited to unlimited channels or parallel calls. This DID number feature makes it easy to scale your business without worrying about infrastructure bandwidth.

Advantages of using DID for customers

The benefits of DID systems and services are endless. Here are some important benefits for businesses to be able to provide customers with a DID number.

Better customer experience:

DID systems offer direct communication to customers. Customers don’t have to wait in long queues, deal with chats or go through closed menus to reach an agent. It automatically improves the customer experience and makes the customer more brand oriented.

Save time:

In this busy world, you don’t have a day to talk to anyone. Customer-directed customers call the right customer service directly, without intermediaries such as receptionists or phone menus – saving time. Customers can easily track their agent number knowing that it has been extended. This saves time for both parties.

All customer support:

DID numbers benefit customers in several ways. The DID service automatically transfers the customer’s phone to the correct agent’s phone. This phone line is available 24×7. In addition, this universal support allows customers to reach agents without worrying about the agent’s location.

Numeric face mask:

Services such as Advanced DID Solutions by KingAsterisk, protects customer identity or personal information when communicating with agents. Through this approach, customer numbers are not shared when issues or questions are resolved. The DID system hides the subscriber’s number. So no one can misuse it.


We hope this article has given you a brief overview of DID numbers and services. It also shows how DID numbers benefit customers in the long run. KingAsterisk is a recognized DID service provider.

It contains all the necessary features: Automated call routing, number masking, call tracking, call logs, CRM integration, real-time updates, lead generation, IVR integration, call insights and more. Contact us to know more.

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