Top Best Advantages of Digital Marketing.

Have you heard ever of Digital Marketing? What would you think if I told you that on average, a person in Mexico is connected 9 hours and 01 minute a day from any device and that 77.1% of Internet users have used their devices for some purchase, let’s change the perspective; what would happen if your company could be present at any minute of those 9 hours or even better if those sales represented growth for YOUR company.

It is time to take advantage of the multiple benefits that the use of digital strategies brings in the advertising and sale of products and services:

Universal, the world at your fingertips and your products within the reach of the world, there are no geographical limits in the digital ecosystem that allow a small or large business to reach internationalization without problems, the limit is set by you.

Profitable, investment costs for well-structured Digital Marketing can bring considerable savings in the advertising expenses for the company. You decide how much and how to spend, what to spend on, and who to spend on.

Segmentable, You have to know who to reach and how to reach, digital marketing will allow you to segment markets through basic characteristics of geography and demography; In addition to this, the digital consumption of the potential market allows you to isolate consumption and behavior characteristics, so you will be sure to reach your ideal consumer.

Measurable, Knowing when my money returns, digital marketing will give you many statistics to know your return on investment together with profitability and segmentation, it is possible to know the results of each of the strategies and in this way keep what works for us and discard what is not

It attracts, stimuli and more stimuli, the desire or the perception of need comes from the observed stimulus, consumers put an image to the desire once they find the product that satisfies the need, as part of the digital strategy to create images or stimuli within the environment will help attract consumers.

Position, always be present in mind, digital Marketing strategies allow the consumer to be in the mind of the consumer, specifically fixing the needs that the company can cover and that he turns to you when presenting them, it is also strengthened with the opinion of other users by build recognition and trust.

Interactive Create a community and be inspired by your customers, knowing the needs and desires of your consumers will help you develop products with a greater value for them, in this way the business will grow efficiently and a solid community will be developed.

Loyalty, Loyalty is earned, within digital strategies, and coupled with the creation of a community and positioning, loyalty and that the client recognizes your work as a company is important, a loyal client will always bring more clients.

Save, Plan to win, digital marketing will allow the company to support what is most profitable, and spend what is necessary, its costs are lower than traditional marketing and other media, in addition to allowing it to reach a greater number in some cases of audience.

Remember we are in a digital era, adopting the strategies now will favor the company in the very near future and will allow it to always adapt to the new generations that are already digital natives, change is a process, and energy and resources must be focused of the company towards new ideals and above all towards success.

Written By: I’m Muhammed Shihab, a Web Developer and Digital Marketing Strategist based in Kannur, Kerala. I will help small-scale and large-scale Business owners to take their businesses to the next level.

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