The Right Way to Measure Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a marketing term

Brand awareness is a marketing term that refers to how far people know the existence of your product or brand. How many people know your brand? how many people know your product in the market? how many people know your kind of products and services?

Good brand awareness is the key to promoting a product, and building product credibility which will ultimately drive increased sales of a product. Brand awareness is usually related to awareness of the brand name or logo, awareness of product types, and awareness of the value of a brand.

People’s awareness of a brand or product can be positive, depending on how you shape it. Successful brand awareness will help your consumers to be able to differentiate your product from competitors’ products.

In this article, we will explain in more detail the metrics used to measure brand awareness and tips for increasing brand awareness. Check out the full explanation.

Why is measuring brand awareness important?

Building brand awareness is important so that your product exists in the market. If consumers have good brand awareness, they will consider your product when shopping. Especially if your brand is successful in becoming top of mind, where your product is the first product that comes to the minds of consumers so that it will encourage purchases.

Therefore, measuring brand awareness is important when you want to build or increase your consumer’s brand awareness. These measurements require metrics that can be used to measure success and progress over time and measure how successful the strategies you use are.

Methods for measuring brand awareness

Conduct a brand awareness survey

One method that can be used as a benchmark to measure brand awareness success is to conduct a brand awareness survey.

Of course, surveys must be conducted regularly so that you can see comparisons and progress of brand awareness from time to time. The survey results can also show whether the strategies used to increase brand awareness can be applied properly or require changes.

Social listening

This method can be done through social media platforms to find out changes in brand awareness, perception, sentiment towards the brand, or how the public perceives your brand.

For example, by checking the number of account followers, the number of likes for content, the frequency per impression. Checks can be carried out periodically within a certain time.

Leverage Google Trends and Google Analytics

Google Trends will help you to see how often your brand or product name is included in the Google search engine from time to time compared to competing brands.

Google Analytics will help you to see the characteristics of your website visitors, be it gender, age, demographics, or behavior.

Using the help of brand tracking software

You can also take advantage of paid software services that can make it easier for you to measure brand awareness of your product.

Measuring brand awareness campaigns on social media Instagram

Measuring the success of a brand awareness campaign on Instagram can only be done by a business account. Unlike a personal account, a business account has an insight service that can show data in the form of reach, impressions, number of likes, comments, shares, number of increases and decreases in followers, number of clicks on links to websites and online stores, and measures the effectiveness of hashtags used in campaigns.

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