Some of the Best Online Casino Games that you Can Play in India

There is something about Indians and their obsession with cards. Maybe they are so familiar with the variety of card games because they grew up playing those games throughout their childhood years. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about having all your cousins and other relatives in one place? Teen Patti, obviously.

As mentioned, there are quite a few varieties of online casino games in India. Almost all of these games have traveled to the online platform (Don’t worry, your Teen Patti has safely moved to the online version as well). Among all those games that are available to play online, these four have a significant number of players:

You play Baccarat against a dealer- commonly called the bank.
You place your bet on the hand you think is going to win.
Also, you can set the bet on your hand or the bank’s hand.
You can also bet on a tie.
Whichever hand gets closest to 9 points wins the round.

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Andar Bahar
Andar– The slot on the left side of the player.  
Bahar– The slot on the right side of the player.
Joker- The main card which is dealt at the beginning.
Your main goal in the game is to predict the side (Andar or Bahar) where a chosen card might land.
The dealer places one face-up card in the middle of the table. This card is the main card or the joker card.
The player places bets by predicting which side (Andar or Bahar) the card with the same value might show up.
The game comes to an end after a card with the same value as the joker is dealt.

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Teen Patti

Super Spade Version
You will not play with the dealer. Instead, there are two slots: Player A and Player B, and you bet on which player is going to win.
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