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1. Turkey’s fitness service market contributed 0.06% of Turkey’s GDP in 2020 Driven by the increasing number of health and fitness centres.

Turkey’s Fitness service market1

The fitness industry of Turkey is in a growing phase. However, the market has gained significant momentum during the last few years due to the shifting of the millennial generation to a healthier lifestyle. This shift spiked the demand for fitness centres within the country. Moreover, the increasing number of integrated services offered by the fitness centres such as Aero boxing, Zumba, Martial arts, swimming, and others to the customers has intensified the demand for these services in the country. As a result, the fitness service sector was able to contribute 0.06% of Turkey’s GDB in the year 2020.

2. Offline health and fitness centres dominate the market with the highest revenue contribution in the year 2020 driven by increasing health concerns.

Turkey’s Fitness service market2

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Offline health and fitness centres are highly in demand in Turkey due to the rising obesity rates and increased women’s participation in fitness centres. As a result, around 57% of the total revenue of the fitness service sector was generated by the offline service segment in 2020. But this does not make the online fitness services market any less. The online service sector has witnessed a huge acceptance over the years, especially during the COVID in Turkey. As a result, ~43% of the revenue was captured by the online health and fitness industry in Turkey within the same year. During that time, the digital fitness market grew at a CAGR of ~45% between 2017 and 2020.

3. Market is anticipated to show a double-digit growth of ~18% CAGR on account of the growing popularity of digital fitness applications and the expansion of low-cost fitness centres in the country.

Turkey’s Fitness service market3

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The majority of fitness centres are expected to adapt to “digital fitness” by offering online classes and incorporating fitness-based apps for at-home exercise, thus raising awareness among people about their health, which in turn will intensify the number of subscribers. As a result, Turkey Health and Fitness Centres will witness a massive spike in home-workout equipment. Additionally, the online fitness market will grow at ~23% CAGR and is expected to contribute the majority of the revenue share in the forecasted year. Owing to the growing popularity of the digital fitness applications and rising awareness about the health, the overall health and fitness industry of Turkey is expected to experience double-digit growth in just few years.

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