From new to used cars, these 9 cars were discontinued in Malaysia in 2022

In what seems like a blink of an eye, another year has passed and 2022 is now behind us. While we took a look at what SUVs and MPVs that will be coming soon (sedan to follow next), let’s take a look and see which cars were axed last year.

Compared to 2021, last year witnessed fewer cars that were discontinued. Regardless, the departure of some of these models leave a void that may or may not be filled in the near future.


The F39 BMW X2 was launched in Malaysia back in 2018 as an imported (CBU) model from Germany. At launch, the BMW X2 was offered in the sole sDrive20i variant. A year later in 2019, BMW Malaysia introduced the hotter X2 M35i variant, bumping the power output to 306 PS and 450 Nm – a sizeable increase over the regular sDrive20i’s 192 PS and 280 Nm output.

Its quirky part-SUV, part-hatchback looks certainly didn’t help. Furthermore, as the BMW X2 is a CBU model, it gets taxed considerably more than the locally-assembled (CKD) BMW X3. Prices of the BMW X2 started at the RM 320k mark, marginally higher than the CKD BMW X3 (~RM 315.8k).

As such, it comes as no surprise that the BMW X2 got axed just 4 years after its introduction in Malaysia. Fret not, you can get one on Carsome.

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Honda Odyssey

Honda’s answer to the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire duo certainly didn’t last long. Introduced in February 2022, the updated Honda Odyssey was quietly discontinued just months after it was on sale.

Compared to the pre-facelift model, the newer Odyssey looks snazzier, thanks to its redesigned front fascia with new LED headlights and angular front grille. The rear also received the same treatment, with the LED tail lights now looking more modern than before.

The Odyssey’s discontinuation here came as no surprise as Honda closed the ageing Sayama plant, which was responsible for manufacturing the Odyssey.

Whether or not Honda releases a new generation Odyssey aimed at this parts of the world remains to be seen; Honda still offers the Odyssey in markets like North America and China.

Since new options are out of the equation, here’s some used Odysseys worth your consideration.

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Hyundai Starex

The Korean alternative to the ever-popular Toyota Hiace has been on sale in Malaysia since 2009 and has undergone a number of updates over the years.

The most recent update for the Starex arrived in June 2022, whereby the 11-seater MPV came with a new dark blue colour, body kit and new tail lights.

The Lite variant

However, signs that the Starex was going to bow out was when Hyundai-Sime Darby Motor (HSDM) launched the 10-seater Hyundai Staria, priced around the same as the Starex.

A couple of months later, the Starex was removed from HSDM’s site, signalling that it is finally the end of the road for the long-serving Starex. If you’re looking for an affordable people mover, Carlist has a number of units available.

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Perodua Alza

Farewell Alza

After 12 long years, Perodua finally phased out the original Alza upon the introduction of the DNGA-based model in July 2022.

The original Alza was definitely a runaway success for Perodua, having outlived some of its key rivals, including the Proton Ertiga.

But with the original Alza being passing the 10-year-old mark, Perodua had to offer a brand-new model and the successor, the D27A Alza, delivered that.

With prices starting from RM 33k, Carsome has a decent selection of used Alzas for those who need a budget 7-seater.

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Toyota Avanza

The second-gen Toyota Avanza was launched in Malaysia back in 2012

The second-generation Toyota Avanza was launched in Malaysia back in 2012 and was updated a number of times over the 10-year period it was on sale here.

Facelifted Toyota Avanza pictured

Codenamed F650, the second-generation Avanza was last updated in 2019, in which the rear-wheel drive people mover received LED headlights, snazzier wheels, and a head unit with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support.

Depending on market, the newer DNGA-based Toyota Veloz replaces the ageing Avanza. This is certainly the case in Malaysia, though Indonesia continues to manufacture the older Avanza for fleet customers.

Carsome has a couple units of used Avanzas for sale, if anyone is looking for a hardy little MPV.

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Toyota RAV4

While the Toyota Avanza managed to survive in Malaysia for almost 10 years, the same cannot be said for the fifth-generation Toyota RAV4.

The TNGA-K-based Toyota RAV4 was introduced in Malaysia back in June 2020 across two variants, 2.0- and 2.5-litre variants. The sole difference between the two are engine capacities; the rest of the Malaysian-spec RAV4’s equipment are identical.

With prices of the Toyota RAV4 touching the RM 215k mark, potentially touching the Toyota Harrier’s price (RM 250k), no surprises it was quietly pulled from UMWT’s site in early 2022. Don’t hold your breath for the arrival of the facelifted RAV4 here.

Even though brand-new units of the RAV4 are no longer available, fret not as Carlist has a decent selection of used units for sale.

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Toyota Alphard / Vellfire

Alphard is now in its 6th year but sales in Japan kept increasing

This entry is a surprising one, seeing how immensely popular the Alphard and Vellfire duo are. That being said, its sheer popularity is probably one of the reasons why the Alphard and Vellfire got discontinued here, owing to its long waiting periods.

Moreover, a brand-new Toyota Alphard is likely set for a global debut later this year. If rumours are to be believed, Toyota could merge the Vellfire and Alphard together, simplifying the line-up.

If you are looking for an Alphard or Vellfire in 2023, your best bet is to browse Carsome for used units, or Carlist for recond units.

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Volkswagen Passat

Pour one out for the only sedan in this line-up. Introduced here in 2016, the B8 Volkswagen Passat lasted 6 years in Malaysia before getting axed.

Recall that globally, Volkswagen pulled the plug on the Passat sedan in early-2022. Considering that Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM)’s CKD kits come from Europe, one plus one equals two, the writing’s on the wall for the locally-assembled (CKD) Passat.

The Passat R-Line was the final model offered by VPCM before the range was axed.

Used units of the Passat are priced from RM 68k on Carsome.

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These are the 9 cars that met their end last year. Out of these cars, which one do you miss the most?

Source: From new to used cars, these 9 cars were discontinued in Malaysia in 2022

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