FACEBOOK FEEDBACK: Is the Suzuki Jimny really just as fun as the Ford Ranger Raptor?

We recently ran a story on the five reasons a Suzuki Jimny could be just as fun and off-road-capable as a Ford Ranger Raptor.

We were fully aware that these were two entirely different vehicles, so we just thought it would make for a fun and exciting topic. After all, they are the best-selling models in their respective market segments.

What’s more, both vehicles have four-wheel drive and are geared towards going further where the paved road ends.  

To our surprise, we got numerous comments on our official Facebook page regarding the quirky match-up.

So, which of the two did our commenters consider the better buy? And what do current owners think of the Suzuki Jimny and the Ford Ranger Raptor?

It’s all in the looks

There’s no mistaking that the Jimny’s compact proportions and its retro-styled looks are what make it appealing and are precisely what buyers go for.

Suzuki Jimny (​​​​Photo from Caesar Lacson)

My Jimny is like my pet. It’s always with me wherever I go!

@Caesar Lacson

I drive both, Jimny for around town, short trip and light trail or beach. Raptor for long drives, carry cargo and better comfort with more than 2 people. El Nido, Palawan.

@Qoheleth Dignos

Waiting for my Jimny.. can’t wait for both city and mountain rides.. some will always hate the Jimny cuz its small and cant accommodate 10 people..hehe but still we have our choices..

@Noel Sanchez Villaflor

Of course we have a jimny and a hilux 4×4 they cannot be compared but if for utilarian (sic) and for going around from wide to narrow streets and from paved to unpaved, the jimny has the edge including parking concerns.

@Samuel Sadorra Franco

Samurai/Jimny much nimbler than the unreliable Ranger which is loved by people who lack horizontal shortcomings and use the said vehicle to make up for it.

@John Dow

It’s not the size, it’s how you use it

When it comes to engine displacement and power output, both are equally blessed with powerplants that are proportional to their respective size and weight.

But then again, there’s nothing wrong with having too much power. Wouldn’t you agree?

ranger raptor comes with a 3 litre v6 twin turbo petrol engine. Also the chassis and engine just completed the Baja 1000 stock class, what about the Jimmy?

@Ramil Ramos

Depends on your preference and budget. For me, if budget permits, I’ll choose the Ford Ranger

@Cb Bautista

Actually these were my 2 vehicles on the shortlist since halos pareho presyo ng XLT and Jimny. But since my use case is more for hauling and carrying big loads, I went with Ranger. Jimny is a fun car but it is more for an enthusiast. Siguro pag nakaipon uli, yes sa Blue Jimny

Photo from Cb Bautista

Both are capable machines

They are indeed highly different, but keep in mind that both share the same type of proven underpinnings like a ladder-frame chassis, solid differentials, links, and coil springs for a rough and tough off-roader.

But when it comes to approach and departure angles, the short overhangs of the Jimny make it more capable.

Jimny is not a good idea over ranger..haha

@Jc Chiu

Nope for Jimny, better go with the Ranger base variant 4×4 MT with P1.2M. kunting bihis lang panalo na for off-roading trip.

@Deo M. Santiago

comparing the best truck vs the best what? it’s a joke

@Win Froilan


But if the proportions of the Jimny are too compact and if the sheer size of the Ranger Raptor is intimidating, what do you buy then? 

There are actually other equally capable off-roaders on the market that are worth considering.

Between a Subaru and Suzuki Jimny, I would have the Subaru any day.

@Jerry Dimalanta

I have both vehicle Jimny & Hilux the 1st is nice to use in light off roading the other for heavy load and mountain off roading

@Nicki Morena

Jimnys will say”you can go fast but i can go anywhere”,,,,But another option is the TOYOTA HILUX J 4X4,,As of now,Its cheaper than jimny 4th gen and yet its more comfortable for a long ride(hours or days drive),give you enough space for passenger and cargo,speed,power and the factory built rear differential locker..plus the indestructible history of HILUX.”You can go fast and can go anywhere both, with power and comfort!

Which would you bring home?

After going over what other people have to say, can you decide between the Jimny or the Ranger Raptor?

To sum it up, it’s really all up to you as we all have our personal preferences. What’s important is choosing one that’s fun to drive and suits you and your family’s needs.

Source: FACEBOOK FEEDBACK: Is the Suzuki Jimny really just as fun as the Ford Ranger Raptor?

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