Every Major Character in Apex Legends Season 16 Has Been Buffed and Nerfed

The 16th season of Apex Legends will offer numerous changes to the battle royale game, including significant adjustments to the class structure, weapon meta, and individual legends. Season 16 of Apex Legends won’t introduce a new character; instead, Respawn will concentrate on updating current legends.

Seven current legends have been chosen as the focus of the largest changes in season 16 of Apex Legends, along with other modifications including the game’s new class gameplay perk system. Seer, Bloodhound, Wraith, Pathfinder, Horizon, Mirage, and Lifeline are some of these characters.

Seer and Bloodhound have undergone adjustments that are intended to affect the scan meta in Apex Legends by lowering their scan frequencies. Seer’s heartbeat sensor now has a charge-up timer, making it impossible to spam it continuously. Additionally, because it is louder, neighbouring players may hear it, raising the danger of Seer’s scans. To emphasise the tracking component of his kit, Bloodhound’s Ultimate no longer refreshes scans, and they have a new White Raven function that will fly at their nearest target.

Wraith will always be a well-liked character in Apex Legends, so it may seem strange to see her getting a noticeable buff, but there is a good reason for it. She and Pathfinder are getting enhancements that will make their macro rotations stronger and relieve some of Valkyrie’s burden. As many fans are aware, Valkyrie makes it quite simple to escape a difficult situation, but all Skirmishers ought to play that role. As a result, Pathfinder’s zipline now has a greater range and faster speed, and Wraith’s portal may travel twice as far and she will move even faster when using it.
The final three are a little bit of a buffet. As a new technique of macro rotation, Horizon’s Gravity lift will now travel higher, but it will also reduce the accuracy of her weapons. Fans shouldn’t be overly surprised by this Horizon update because it was previously incorporated into Apex Legends, albeit it may differ from that version. Players in Mirage, even revived legends, will be unarmed and invisible for a brief period of time after a revive. This invisibility can be broken by pulling out a rifle, however Respawn claims that this tweak will allow for more “cheeky revival plays.” Additionally, Mirage will now mark opponents who shoot his clones, however the information will expire quickly.

Lifeline is finally seeing some of her slower skills speed up, allowing her to stop frequently being a sitting duck. One illustration of this is the speedier drop of her Care Package, which, though it may seem like a minor adjustment, is beneficial overall. Season 16 of Apex Legends is looking to be something exceptional, but it’s yet unclear how these and other modifications will affect the gameplay.

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