Electric vehicles and the changes they bought.

The introduction of electric vehicles has been revolutionary. With traditional combustion engines becoming quickly outdated and the price of fuel increasing drastically, electric vehicles are slowly becoming a reliable mode of transportation in India. There are about 380 electric vehicle manufacturers in India. In the 2-wheeler sector, only a handful of manufacturers are truly Indian-made.

In the list of Indian-made EVs comes a new player who had been taking the industry by storm and becoming the main talk among youths regarding its futuristic design and high-end specs. Enter, Ultraviolette.

Ultraviolette Automotive is an electric vehicle startup company based in Bangalore, India. Till 2022, the company has received $15 million in Series c funding from TVS Motor Company and Zoho Corporation. Other investors include Mollywood superstar Dulquer Salmaan and GoFrugal Technologies.

Talking about the models, the company thus far only announced three variants, F77, F77 RECON, and F77 LIMITED, with a price range from INR 3,80,000 to INR 5,50,000. Being heavily inspired by the machines that take the skies, the F77 does not compromise safety and structural simulations.

A top speed of 152KM/H and a peak torque of 100 NM make it a formidable foe even amongst its higher cc counterparts that depend on fuel. The proprietary battery technology, in sync with the highly energy efficient on-board systems, pushes the F77 miles ahead of the industry, with a category-leading IDC range of 307 km on a single charge.

Even with all the above stated, the F77 comes with three riding modes, dual channel ABS, boost chargers, and other features. There is no doubt that India is taking a step further to a new era of riding while benefiting the environment.

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