The future is here – Peugeot Inception Concept unveiled at CES 2023

The covers have finally been taken off the Peugeot Inception Concept car at the 2023 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The concept car is a radically designed electric vehicle (EV) that will inspire other future models, including compact ones. According to the French brand, it is set to hit the market as soon as 2025. 

The Inception Concept rides on the Stellantis’ STLA Large platform, measuring 16.4 feet (5 meters) long but just 4.39 feet (1.34 m) tall. 

It is equipped with 800-volt technology and a 100 kWh battery, giving it a claimed 800 kilometers of range on a single charge. 

The vehicle can also quickly recharge its batteries thanks to an induction charging system, which means it can gain 150 kilometers of range with just a five-minute charge.

As for propulsion, the Inception Concept utilizes a dual-motor setup that gives it all-wheel drive and nearly 680 PS. With all that power on tap, the concept car can hit 100 km/h from a standstill in less than three seconds.

The future of Peugeot design

Peugeot Inception Concept Exterior

The car’s most striking feature is its glass, which covers most of its greenhouse. 

Peugeot uses Namira glass, which undergoes a metal-oxide treatment and is used to coat the helmet visors of NASA astronauts. This gives the windows a yellow hue while retaining excellent heat-rejection qualities. 

Aside from the new platform, the EV concept also features the brand’s next-generation i-Cockpit with its Hypersquare control system, which is a steer-by-wire system. In addition, the car has a rectangular steering wheel that Peugeot said was inspired by video games. 

Its controls are also futuristic in their design, as these can be accessed by only moving the thumb and keeping one’s hand on the steering wheel. 

Self-driving tech

Peugeot Inception Concept interior cabin

The Peugeot Inception Concept features Level 4 autonomous driving – where the car can completely drive itself without any input from the driver – thanks to STLA AutoDrive. 

It also lets the cockpit transform from a driver-dedicated space into one of comfort. The car can retract the steering wheel, make the dashboard disappear, and create a passenger-centric cabin.

While this technology might seem too far ahead for what is currently capable, Peugeot hopes these can be made real by 2025. 

What lies ahead for Peugeot

Peugeot Inception Concept exterior rear


The Peugeot Inception Concept opens new doors for the brand for the future as it has the next-generation of “BEV by design” platforms and sports the latest technology.

With this concept vehicle as inspiration, Peugeot hopes to be a leader in the budding electric vehicle market for the European region by 2030. It plans to electrify all its cars by 2024 and roll out five new EV models by 2025. 

“This objective and ambitious vision pave the way for a radical transformation for the
Brand,” said Peugeot CEO Linda Jackson. 

“It is embodied today in the PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT, which marks the beginning of a new era!” she added. “PEUGEOT promises that the world is a better place with Allure, the PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT embodies the meaning of this promise from today onwards.” 

Do you think these features will come to the Philippine-market Peugeots in the near future?

Source: The future is here – Peugeot Inception Concept unveiled at CES 2023

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