Sim racer wish come true? Gran Turismo movie teaser released

It’s finally happening –  the Gran Turismo racing simulation game is being turned into a movie and the trailer has just come out!

The film tells the story of 2011 Nissan GT Academy winner Jann Mardenborough through his journey from a sim racer playing Gran Turismo to becoming a professional racing driver. 

Movies based on video games typically aren’t well received. One such example is the 2014 film “Need For Speed,” which currently has a score of one out of five stars on the popular movie review website Rotten Tomatoes.

With that in mind, the recent Gran Turismo teaser video piqued our interest as we were keen to figure out what the movie might offer and what elements from the video game it uses.

Exciting cinematography

Will we be able to tell which is real and which is CG? PHOTO FROM GRAN TURISMO

The teaser footage delighted us with opening shots of a race track with several sports cars with their drivers ready to race all-out, along with in-game footage from Gran Turismo. 

What caught our attention were the Nissan GTRs duking it out on the track, followed by tracking shots of other GT racecars from the brand. 

The teaser even featured Hollywood stars David Harbour and Orlando Bloom (of “Pirates of the Carribean” fame) with some cool Nismo gear, quickly telling you what you can expect to see from the movie.

Expect to see heart-pounding action, drama, and a bit of romance when the film officially releases.

Why Jann Mardenborough?

Although there have been many GT Academy winners, Mardenborough has had a truly prolific racing career, combined with his meteoric rise to fame.

With no prior racing experience, he joined the Nissan GT Academy in 2011, where he beat 90,000 entrants and won the competition to drive with Nissan at the Dubai 24-Hour event. 

From there, Mardenborough joined several other racing series like the British GT Championship, the Blancpain Endurance Series, the Toyota Racing Series, Formula 3 races, and many more. 

Mardenborough’s achievements, along with his growing racing profile, led to him gaining multiple accolades in racing and being part of the Sport Pro Media 50 most-marketed athletes worldwide. 

The Gran Turismo movie will be released in the Philippines sometime August 2023.

Will it take the top step in the box-office stakes or crash and burn like “Need for Speed”?

Source: Sim racer wish come true? Gran Turismo movie teaser released

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