Owner Review: The Default Cost Consious Sedan, My 2022 Perodua Bezza 1.0

Basic information about my car:

Reasons why I bought this car:

The reason why i buy this car is for daily work daily drive purpose. I don’t need a 200 300hp engine because just want to arrived my working place and not too worry about the fuel consumption , now fuel is sky high price. After i driving 2weeks already, the fuel consumption is much much better than my previous old car which is HYUNDAI MATRIX 1.6 GLS. The fuel i fill up for 2 weeks is around rm65 only for full tank and the previous MATRIX is cost me around rm85 per week.

Car selection process
– I had a budget of: 40k 
-Models that I have considered include: PROTON SAGA , BEZZA , AXIA

Reasons why I chose this car:

Among the budget below 40k,there is only 3 common choice for me to choose. PROTON SAGA NEW FACELIFT , PERODUA AXIA and PERODUA BEZZA. First i think about PROTON because the handling and safety is confirm better than PERODUA but the campro engine is a big worry about me.The CAMPRO engine is famous high fuel consumption and need more effort to maintain compare to th PERODUA ENGINE which is start and go and only need to ontime service only.Not too much problem with that. Among the AXIA and BEZZA u know lah,Malaysia people like the car which has “butt” one, is more easy to carry tmy stuff or other else.

User experienceļ¼š
– I have already done:1000km
– My average fuel consumption is 1L/13-15KM

After driving around 1000km , for me the driving experience is fair enough to the price. The STOCK LED HEADLAMP is much better than HALOGEN light but maybe because the LED didn’t come with PROJECTOR, the cut light is not too cleary and sharp but ok lah 36k price what u want. CITY VIOS 70K give u HALOGEN only. 1.0 3cylinder is not terrible like what people say, just abit vibrate when fully stop at traffic light, just put the gear to N from D, then everything is ok. 0-20km/h acceleration will feel abit vibration also but not too annoying for me os acceptable.

Pros of my car:

– only A SEGEMNT come with LED HEADLAMP

– very large bonnet capacity

-new clearly white led light meter

– very excellent fuel consumption

Cons of my car:

– 1.0 3 cylinder engine a little bit vibrate

– sound system only come with 2 front speakers

– waiting period too long


Total Score: 5

Performance: 3

Quality & Features: 4

Space: 5

Ride Comfort: 4

Fuel Economy: 5

Price & Cost: 5


For me if you are looking for the daily drive car with high efficiency engine, PERODUA BEZZA is the first choice. Selling record is the best proof for this the only thing for now i s waiting period for now is more than 4months and unable to choose the colour. For other things is good and nice.

Just for clarity, i change to the MYVI 1.5 ADV X rim 15 after i get my car and the original factory come out for 1.0 spec only 14inch.


The first day i get the car from my SC the car is already start the engine but the engine is very silent and didn’t come with any vibration when the gear is in position P and N. Then i don’t know the engine is on and i push my key to start the engine again, the engine is screaming and a terrible sound is came out.

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Source: Owner Review: The Default Cost Consious Sedan, My 2022 Perodua Bezza 1.0

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