From walkmans to EVs! The Sony-Honda Afeela collaboration debuts at CES 2023

Japanese brand Sony is already renowned for its wide range of high-quality consumer electronics.

That’s why it only seems natural that it would venture into the electric-vehicle (EV) market, debuting its first concept car under the Afeela EV brand at the 2023 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Afeela is a collaboration between Sony and Honda Cars under a company called Sony Honda Mobility.

This new vehicle is different from the Sony Vision-S Concept EV that the brand unveiled in 2020. 

Porsche-esque silhouette

Unlike the car from three years ago, the Afeela gets an extra-smooth sports sedan body.

The sleekness is aided by the lack of dramatic lights or oddly shaped bumpers – it gets small LED headlights that have daytime running lights that run all the way to the fenders.

Other futuristic touches include the huge six-spoke alloy wheels with aerodynamic covers, the tiny side-view mirrors that use cameras and the total lack of door handles.

The Afeela also gets a roof scoop, a la rally car, and a fastback rear end with long LED taillights. The rear profile is particularly reminiscent of modern Porsches, such as the Porsche Taycan EV.

No Playstation?

Inside, the Afeela naturally gets a huge array of screens for the gauge cluster and infotainment.

What is particularly notable is that the infotainment screen takes up two-thirds of the whole dashboard, which would probably be great for widescreen movie viewing or games (no word on whether or not Afeela will include a Playstation as standard, though).

The displays for the aforementioned side-view cameras take up the edges of this super-wide screen.

Other cool features include an enormous moonroof, a half-circle steering wheel, and a pair of infotainment screens for the rear seats.

Autonomous driving possible

Sony said the Afeela contains 45 cameras and sensors that will help with developing the car’s autonomous driving systems.

These cameras will also be used for the active-safety systems that are being developed by Honda Cars.

Although there are no details yet about the drivetrain, it might be a dual-motor EV because the Afeela is all-wheel drive.

Afeela said pre-orders will start in 2025 with deliveries expected the year after. It will likely be built at a Honda Cars facility in the U.S.

Would you go for an EV built by Sony?

Source: From walkmans to EVs! The Sony-Honda Afeela collaboration debuts at CES 2023

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