Snake Game on Nokia

Do you recall playing Snake on your Nokia phone? This renowned game turned 25 years old a while back. On the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, there are hundreds of variations of this game that are still played.

The snake itself first appeared on the Nokia 6110 in 1997, and nearly all Nokia cellphone customers were quickly captivated by it. But if you look further, the history of this game is extensive.

The original version of Snake was created in 1976, on page T3. It was created by a firm known as Gremlin Interactive and was then known as Blockage. In essence, it’s not the Snake game as we know it.
But the way the game is played is the same—you move by pressing the arrow keys. In fact, it served as an inspiration for a number of straightforward arcade games, including Nibbler in 1982 and Atari’s Worm in 1978.
It eventually moved on to Taneli Armanto’s Snake on the Nokia platform. Initially, Taneli Armanto created games, calculators, and ringtones.
Then he created Snake, which was first intended to demonstrate the infrared link that Nokia had created for two devices to talk with one another. Visit monkeywriting, there is a lot of information.
Taneli Armanto and his team’s creation of the Snake is extremely clever and well-liked up to this point despite its many restrictions, including control using just the keypad, a black and white display that is only 48 by 84 pixels, and a limited amount of RAM.

One of the first signs that smartphones could be more than simply phones, The Snake was a true milestone. More than 400 permutations of the game are still available for download from the iOS App Store alone, not to mention on other platforms.

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