How Can You Infuse Bright Colors In Your Home Design And Furniture?

We know and understand that bright colors can be a little intimidating to work with. Choosing the right colors, striking the right balance with the neutrals, and dealing with the modern furniture on the top is quite challenging. Thus, many modern home owners want to settle for neutral shades to decorate their homes. Colors like beige, black, white, grey, brown, and may be trying their hands on orange or navy blue.

Nevertheless, cheerful colors neither should be intimidating or childish. With the right planning and consideration, decorating your home with bright colors can be interesting and it will add a significant impact that you will never get bored of.

So, how do you work with colors?

If you are trying your hands into decorating your room with colors for the first time, there are few simple steps that you can keep in mind to simplify the process:

1. First, choose the neutral color that you want to pair with your color. When you do this first, you will be able to keep the bright you choose in line without getting overwhelmed or things slipping out of your hands.
2. Always test your bright swatches before you commit. Whether it is a fabric or paint, it is quite important to bring it home and test it out to see exactly how it looks.
3. Always try to balance warm and cool colors.
4. Pink and magenta are a bit difficult to work with, and so you should always tone them down with neutrals.

Keep these points in mind while we move to the next step.

Add Accessories in the neutral space

If you have always loved neutral furniture with natural pain, you can pair it with some bright accessories that will add a splash to your space. Grey or beige walls, furniture will offer a subtle backdrop for the colorful rugs, curtains, pillow, or art. Coordinate the colors well so that your space has a theme. If your rug has shades of blue and purple, choose purple pillows, blue artwork, or violet décor pieces to tie it all together. With a neutral backdrop, these bright accessories can easily move around and give your life to your space.

White with a pop of color

Rather than choosing a neutral palette, having an complete white décor with some hints of other colors can have a lot of impact, and it will work well if you are looking for a minimal kind of a décor. A bedroom could feature white walls and light furniture with bright accent pillows, a side table, or light fixtures. A bathroom could have bright fixtures or a mirror frame as well. Using an all-white backdrop in place of a combination of other neutral shades could further help to make bright shades and hues pop.
Use your contemporary media units amidst such a colorful setting to add a good look.

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