Clark motorcycle festival slated for Feb. 2023 — CDC chief Devanadera

Motorcycle enthusiasts can expect to find a new home in Clark, Pampanga.

Clark Development Corporation (CDC) president and CEO Agnes Devanadera said the city is planning to hold a motorcycle festival on February 2023.

“It’s still in the works, but we already have a tentative schedule,” she said in a speech at the Golden Wheel Awards on Dec. 29, 2022.

“We also have some big names in government,” she added. “We are going to invite them.”

Devanadera added that the festival will also be a chance for businesses to partner with Clark, especially with the increasing number of domestic and foreign tourists following the relaxing of COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Recent appointee

Devanadera was appointed acting CDC chief on September 2022 by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. following the end of her tenure as chair of the Energy Regulatory Commission.

She also sits in the CDC’s board of directors and was the country’s first female solicitor-general, serving from 2007 to 2010 under former President and incumbent Senior Deputy House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Meanwhile, the Golden Wheel Awards recognizes the achievements of Philippine car and motorcycle racers. 

It is chaired by businessman and renowned karter Johnny Tan, who owns and operates several race tracks throughout the country, including Clark International Speedway.

A motorcycle convert

Devanadera said she decided to spearhead the planning of the festival after her two sons became successful even with their passion for motorcycles.

“I have been telling my two sons, ‘OK. Now I can say I am wrong and you are right. And I will show you, because of this realization, I will support the motorcycle, the biking industry and the enthusiasts by having them at Clark at the right time,'” she said.

One of her sons is Noel Devanadera, who is the current mayor of Sampaloc town in Quezon province. She also served as the town’s mayor from 1988 to 1998.

Devanadera said many of the mayors in the Clark area are excited about organizing the festival.

“You know what they said? ‘Lahat kami bikers, so kami ang mangunguna sa festival na ‘yan,'” she said.

[Translation: We’re all bikers, so we will take the lead in that festival.]

‘Motorbike Center of the Philippines’

Devanadera said she hopes that the festival will help turn Clark into the premier hub for lovers of two wheels, including bicycles.

“I would like to invite you to join us in our festival because we would like to make and transform Clark into the ‘Motorbike Center of the Philippines,’” she said.

“When you have your passion for excellence, then I will have to adopt the passion to encourage people of all generations to get to love the motorcycle, to get to love biking and all the sports that you have,” she added.

Devanadera also said she hopes to partner with Tan in organizing sanctioned motorcycle competitions in the future.

“We take care of the festival, your organization should take care of the competition because we would want to start with the festival so that even those who are just starting to learn will not be shy to participate,” she said.

“Hopefully, the very young people who are into bicycles will be just like you, who started with bikes and now are competitors for such prestigious awards,” Devanadera added.

Do you think Clark would be a great place to indulge your love for two wheels?


Source: Clark motorcycle festival slated for Feb. 2023 — CDC chief Devanadera

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