2023 HONDA CMX1100T Rebel Overseas Launch: Another member of the rebellious American hippies!

Since the introduction of the American cruiser Rebel 500 and Rebel 1100 from Honda in Taiwan, these two models have been a popular choice for enthusiasts as they allow them to try out the American cruiser style at a lower threshold. At this year’s Milan Motor Show, HONDA launched the CMX1100T Rebel, an American touring twin based on the Rebel 1100, adding another member to the Honda Rebel 2023 lineup!

The CMX1100T Rebel can be interpreted as a touring version of the Rebel 1100.

1084c.c. parallel twin-cylinder platform
The Rebel 1100, codenamed CMX1100, was introduced by Honda in Taiwan in the same year since its launch in 2021. The CMX1100T Rebel can be interpreted as a wagon version of the Rebel 1100. Based on the Rebel 1100, Honda has added a large fairing on the front of the CMX1100T Rebel and two hard bins on the side of the bike, making the CMX1100T more suitable for long-distance road trips. In terms of appearance, the CMX1100T is available in Gunmetal Black Metallic, a color that gives it an overwhelming look with the American tourer’s spacious exterior.

The CMX1100T is more suitable for long-distance road trips by adding a large fairing at the front and two hard bins at the side.

Dual version with manual transmission and DCT gearbox
The CMX1100T Rebel, which shares a twin-cylinder platform with the Rebel 1100, uses the same 1084c.c. water-cooled SOHC parallel twin-cylinder engine. There is almost no difference in technical specifications with the Rebel 1100, the only major difference is in the weight of the car. The CMX1100T Rebel will be 15kg heavier than the Rebel 1100 due to the new large fairing and the hard box on the side of the car.

The CMX1100T Rebel will be sold with both manual transmission and DCT transmission versions.

The comfort and convenience of the DCT transmission combined with the touring version’s windscreen and sidebox will bring further riding enjoyment to road trippers.

In the past, Honda Taiwan introduced the DCT version of the Rebel 1100 to the Taiwanese market, and for the 2023 Rebel 1100, a new Iridium Grey Metallic color has been released. We hope to receive good news about the introduction of the CMX1100T Rebel from Honda Taiwan in the near future. We believe that the comfort and convenience of the DCT transmission, together with the touring version’s air mirror and side box, will bring further riding enjoyment to road trip enthusiasts.

2023 CMX1100T Rebel (Gunmetal Black Metallic)

2023 HONDA Rebel 1100 (Iridium Grey Metallic).

2023 HONDA CMX1100T Rebel Specification Sheet
Engine type: Water-cooled SOHC four-stroke parallel twin-cylinder
Displacement: 1084c.c.
Bore x Stroke: 92 x 81.5mm
Transmission type: Six-speed manual transmission / DCT six-speed dual clutch transmission
Compression ratio: 10.1 : 1
Max. horsepower: [email protected],000rpm
Max. torque: [email protected],750rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 13.6L
Front brake system: Opposed four-piston radial caliper, 330mm single disc configuration
Rear brake system: Single piston caliper, 256mm single disc
Frame design: Diamond frame
Front Suspension: Pre-adjustable 43mm upright fork
Rear Suspension: Pre-adjustable rear double shotgun shock
Seat height: 700mm
Wheelbase: 1,520mm
Overall weight: 238kg/248kg (DCT version)

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