Descriptive Essay About Grandfather

Every person has some special personality in their life that guides them and shapes their mentality, for me it’s my grandfather. He is an instrumental person who played a key role in my learning and future. This descriptive essay about grandfather will guide how to write and appreciate such a special personality in your life. Let me take you all through this journey with the help of a reliable “college paper writing service“.

Descriptive Essay About Grandfather

My grandfather is the father figure in my life. Ever since my father died in a car accident, my grandfather has taken care of me and my mother. He has never let me think that I’m being neglected and has a deceased father. His optimism and love have given me the opportunity to write a descriptive essay about my grandfather.

I was only 12 years old when my father, who was going to his office in the morning suffered a heart attack and died. I remember when we reached the hospital we got this terribly sad news that he passed away on his way to the hospital.

My grandfather was already at the hospital and we were heartbroken by this news. My mom was crying so loudly that seemed like her voice might break all the windows. I felt like I’m being drugged and felt numbness in my entire body.

Seeing my father’s dead body was like a mountain of sadness has fallen upon me. His pale yellow skin was rock solid and frozen like ice. Even though I was small and not mature enough but tears were unstoppably flushing out of my eyes.

On that day I realized that I’m alone in this world and have no one who can take care of me. I didn’t go to my school for one week. My grandfather took us to his home. He told me that your father grew up in this house. He gave me his childhood room which he used until the completion of his university classes.

Sleeping in the room where my dad used to live was such a good reminder of him. I always imagine how my dad used to live here. Each and everything was preserved in his room just as he left it decades ago.

My grandfather has never changed the bed or the curtains. Even dad’s table was left as same filled with books and his study notes. Living in his room made me closer and therefore I wrote a descriptive essay on sadness .

My grandfather has guided me to stay away from this melancholia and focus on my studies. I started going back again to my school. Every weekend he took my mom and me to have dinner or watch movies.

He brought me my first new MacBook Pro and an iPhone. He felt so sad me unhappy. My grandfather has an old ford mustang which he bought for my dad but after completing my education my dad left it at his home.

After years of rusting and engine problems, it was abandoned in his storage shed in the backyard. On my birthday he gave me a surprise gift of that red ford mustang. He told me this used to be my dad’s before he moved out.

Having the keys to my dad’s younger years’ car was like a dream come true. Me and grandfather rebuild the car together. He used to be an engineer for aeroplanes, his insights kept me well informed.

It has taken more than six months to come up with a completely renovated car. Grandfather built its engine from zero. I on the other hand did all the paint job, panel changing, and welding.

My dad liked the admiral blue color and the car was in red color. After clearing all the old colors I repainted it in blue with black stripes running from the back to the bonnet.

The car engine was a stock four-litre V8 which we both repaired in one week. And after installing the turbocharger the car was as good as a brand new one. Grandfather told me how to drive and after many days and hours, I spent I cleared my DMV license.

I drove this car for a first spin with grandfather and mom to the graveyard and visited dad’s grave. I was so happy to have his car. I treated it like a family heirloom and gave it much importance.

Grandfather is so kind and in some cases more overprotective than dad. I see my dad in him. According to my mom grandfather’s affection has spoiled me way more than my dad did.

His immense love and fondness for me provide me with a good opportunity to write a descriptive essay about my grandfather. Last month he suffered some health problems that resulted in another shock for me.

I prayed to god so much that at least don’t take my grandfather from me. I had lost my dad but I don’t want to lose my grandfather as well. Due to my prayers, he recovered in a few days and ran like a tiger.

We all planned a family rise to the Grand Canyon in my dad’s car afterwards. Grandfather felt so happy as I was driving the car with him and mom on board. We spent many days going to many states and famous places.

I love my grandfather so much and want him to be around when my own children are born, so they also know how much of a great person he is. My dad’s death was a big shock for us but God has replaced him with my grandfather. I pray he continues to live a healthy life for the rest of his days with us.


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