Another difference between bread and pastry.

Bread and pastries are both made from dough. However, they are very different in many ways. If you want to know the difference between bread and pastry, read on!The first difference is fat content. Pastries have more fat than bread, which means that they tend to be more tender than bread. This is because fat helps with the texture of the dough and also makes it more flavorful.Another difference between bread and pastry is gluten content. Bread has more gluten than pastry does, which means that it’s chewier and denser.Bread and pastry are both made from different types of flour. For instance, bread uses whole wheat flour while pastries use white flour or a combination of white and whole wheat flours. The type of flour used depends on what kind of texture you’re going for in your final product!Both breads and pastries can have fillings inside them—but pastries usually have fillings while breads don’t necessarily need any kind of filling at all (like plain baguettes). This is because pastries tend to be sweeter or richer than plain breads so they need something extra inside them to counteract all that sweetness!

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