7 ways your body can make you a safer off-road rider

We recently had the privilege of joining the final leg of the Yamaha Off-Road Experience held in Baler, Aurora Province. There, we were treated to a basic Trail Riding Course conducted by the riding coaches of Mel Aquino’s Yamaha Off-road Training Camp (MAYOTC) before being allowed to actually hit the trails.

During the lecture, MAYOTC Head Coach Mel Aquino shared some beginner pointers when riding off-road, which we think will help you and keep you safe on your next off-road ride.


Look three-to-four motorcycles ahead.

Look where you want to go, but make sure to turn your head toward the general direction so you can fully use your peripheral vision when scanning for obstacles.


They should be in a natural position and can move freely.

Keep your shoulders relaxed to prevent riding fatigue.


Lightly grip the handlebar with your wrists slightly rolled forward.

Allow the handlebar some freedom of movement to let it self-correct when riding on rough terrain.



Always keep your elbows raised with your arms slightly bent to serve as a secondary suspension system to help absorb bumps along the trail.

This will also help prevent injuries.  


Sit on the saddle so you can comfortably shift your weight to the front, back, and side when needed.

Control the bike using your hips.


Use your knees and thighs to grip the fuel tank.

This will keep the rider securely perched on the saddle and will also prevent unnecessary weight transfer, which could affect stability.


Your feet should be resting on the pegs on the balls of your feet.

This will help shock absorption and prevent you from accidentally stepping on the gear shifter or brake lever.


If you plan to invest time and money in a new interest this 2023, it is always best to know more about what you’re getting into. And being in the know is the first step to safety and of course, having fun!

To know more about MAYOTC and their riding courses, check out their Facebook page or drop by the KRB MX Speedway in Antipolo, Rizal.

Are you ready to hit the trails?

Source: 7 ways your body can make you a safer off-road rider

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