Perodua to launch its first hybrid in 2024, new variant for Ativa facelift?

According to a report by RHB Investment Bank, Perodua is expected to unveil its first hybrid (HEV) in 2024. Further details were not divulged, only that the electrified segment (HEV, PHEV, BEV) in Malaysia will continue to grow.

Earlier this year, Perodua announced the Ativa Hybrid that comes fully-imported (CBU) from Japan and is a direct rebadge of the Daihatsu Rocky e:Smart Hybrid. The Perodua Ativa Hybrid is not for sale but instead leased to selected customers under its EZ MOBi arm.

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The 300-unit batch of Ativa Hybrids is meant as a feasibility study to provide insights into customer interests, needs, driving habits and running costs (especially in high-traffic cities) before Perodua ventures into hybrids and later potentially Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV).

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At the moment, Daihatsu doesn’t make BEVs and the Rocky e:Smart Hybrid is the only HEV in its line-up. While the report doesn’t mention which model will be Perodua’s first HEV, current indications point towards the Perodua Ativa, possibly as a new variant in its mid-cycle facelift.

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Under the bonnet of the Ativa Hybrid is a series-hybrid system with a 106 PS/170 Nm electric motor and a 1.2-litre WA-VEX three-cylinder petrol engine (82 PS/105 Nm) that acts as a generator to charge up the 4.3 Ah lithium-ion battery. 

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This arrangement eliminates the need for a conventional gearbox, making it a pretty compact and light powertrain. All in, this allows the Ativa Hybrid to a net a fuel efficiency figure of 31.3 km/litre on the Malaysian Driving Cycle (MDC) (or 3.2 litre/100 km).

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Source: Perodua to launch its first hybrid in 2024, new variant for Ativa facelift?

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