Overall cost for the IVF process

IVF or  In Vitro Fertilisation is a costly procedure that helps couples struggling to have a baby. Even though the process is costly, it doesn’t guarantee that the pregnancy will occur the first time itself. Although, since the chances of getting pregnant in the IVF process increases multiple times, couples go for it by contacting the best IVF doctor in Jammu. The cost of the IVF procedure is high but there are methods to at least cut down on IVF’s out-of-pocket expenses. Additionally, there are scholarships, discount programmes, and clinical trials that assist qualifying patients in paying for all or a portion of the cycle. Your insurance may cover some of the procedures or drugs associated in a cycle. Although it’s not for everyone, low-dose IVF, also known as micro IVF, is a less expensive alternative to consider. 

What is IVF?

IVF, a popular fertility procedure, involves performing a quick, easy operation to implant a fertilised egg into the uterus. If you decide to do IVF, you will normally inject synthetic hormones (gonadotropins) into your body to encourage the release of numerous eggs from your ovaries. An embryologist will next fertilise the eggs with your partner’s or donated sperm to produce embryos after a doctor performs an outpatient operation to remove the eggs. Another quick, outpatient treatment that may be performed as soon as three days after the embryos are created is the embryo transfer, in which a doctor implants one embryo, or in some cases, multiple embryos, into the uterus.

Cost of IVF in India

When compared to other markets in the U.S. and Europe, the best IVF hospital in Jalandhar India provides IVF at significantly lower prices. The typical cost of IVF in India varies between INR 1,00,000 to INR 3,50000 for one cycle, however this does not account for any possible additional costs such as drugs, tests, or procedures. The price may be closer to Rs 60,00,000 to Rs 80,00,000 when other often charged expenses for drugs and procedures like ICSI and FETs are included. The price of travel and hotel are not included in this.

How to Save Money on IVF 

There are various ways by which a couple can save a huge amount of money on the IVF process. Since the surgery is very costly and not everyone in India can afford it, you must try as much as possible to save money on the surgery so that it does not cause a burden on your finances. Firstly, most of the expenses of the surgery could be covered with your health insurance. If not full, most of the expenses will be covered by your health insurance provider and you can also search for different grants and discounts given from the government and NGOs to normal people and ex-servicemen.  

Chances of success for IVF working first time

The success of the IVF surgery depends completely upon the age and the current health of the woman. The success rate of women below 35 years of age is approximately 40%. From 36-38 years of age is approximately 30%, 38-40 years is approximately 20%, 40-42 years is only 10% while the age between 42-44 has only 5% of cycles ending with a live birth. 

The likelihood that the majority of a woman’s embryos will have a normal chromosomal composition increases with her age. Additionally, fertility doctors are more likely to successfully recover a good number of eggs during an IVF treatment cycle and, as a result, end up with more embryos when a woman has a healthy reserve of eggs.

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