Different Ways to Clean your Solar Water Heating Panels

Installation of commercial solar water heaters is becoming increasingly typical in both business and residential structures. But it’s important to keep in mind that these energy systems require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure their efficient and faultless performance. To avoid issues like scale and rust, which are the most common issues in hot water systems, specific parts sometimes need to be serviced or replaced, according to the solar water heater manufacturer in Gujarat.

While certain basic maintenance and inspection procedures may be completed on your own, professional help is required to ensure the system is running at its peak performance. It’s not always more economical to replace a commercial solar water heater than to repair it.

Cleaning of Solar water heating panels

The cleaning of solar panels involves several different steps. As a result, managing this process can be quite challenging for the user. Users frequently overlook the value of routinely maintaining and cleaning hot water systems in residential locations. Similar to this, some businesses neglect their commercial solar water heaters, forcing them to incur additional costs for reinstalling or replacing the complete system.

In reality, these charges may be readily avoided by performing routine solar panel inspections and cleaning. Unless they are neglected or irreparably broken, these systems often have a warranty of up to 10 years, so you do not need to worry about replacing them.

Tips to clean your solar water heating panels

  1. Clean the panels from the base

Starting to clean the solar panels from the ground is crucial, particularly for safety reasons. The only tools required are a good-quality soft brush and a cloth-covered sponge with an extension that may be used to scrub the panels thoroughly. Additionally, a hose with an appropriate-sized nozzle is necessary to allow the water stream to reach every area of the panel. Remember that without the proper safety gear and training, you shouldn’t attempt to clean the panels from the rooftop if you can’t do it from the ground. Therefore, hiring professionals to clean the hot water system is usually a smart option as they are experts in the field and know very well how and what to do when it comes to cleaning.

  1. Always schedule the cleaning process

The commercial solar water heater cleaning must be scheduled at an appropriate time if you want to reap the most benefits from it. Since the water used to clean the solar panels will evaporate if the sun is shining too brightly on them, it is best to clean them early in the morning or later in the evening. Otherwise, dirt will build up all over the panels.

Since the dew often plays a significant part in dissolving the filth, the majority of professional cleaners also like cleaning hot water systems early in the morning. As a result, cleaning the panels completely requires less water and energy.

  1. Use appropriate tools for cleaning

To remove any hard material that could have adhered to the panels, it’s crucial to brush off the loose particles dry. The performance of the solar panels and the entire hot water system might be seriously impacted by excessive scratching, thus abrasive items like metal objects shouldn’t be used to remove the material from the panels. To prevent harming the solar panels during this operation, it is crucial to use the proper cleaning solution.

The majority of the dirt and dust from high-quality solar panels can usually be removed using clean water and a soft cloth, brush, or sponge. The entire effectiveness of the cleaning procedure is greatly influenced by the quality of the water that is used.

  1. Remove oil stains properly

Solar panels with oil stains not only look bad, but they also produce less energy. Such stains are extremely typical in many installation situations, particularly if you live close to an airport or a highway that is frequently used by truckers. The good news is that employing isopropyl alcohol as a spot cleaner will make it simple to remove the oil stains. It becomes extremely important to remove those oil stains to enhance the life of the solar water heater panels as well as to make them look good.

Cleaning of solar water heater flat panels

If you notice any soiling of the glass, you should clean these. If you leave them in a dusty environment, in particular, you should think about cleaning them at least once a month. Examine your solar heater panels if you notice a decline in the heating effectiveness of your solar water heater. They can require cleaning. To clear any soiling from the glass panels, a soft cloth, clean, soapy water, and a water hose pipe are required.

First, make sure the panel’s glass is cool enough to eliminate the possibility of shattering due to the glass’s abrupt contraction when suddenly chilled. It is advisable to perform this maintenance in the morning or evening.

Wash the solar panel glass using a cloth dipped in a soapy solution to get rid of any debris or leaves. After that, use the hose to repeatedly rinse the solar panel glass until it is clear.

The process of cleaning

Select an overcast or somewhat warm day, and allow yourself at least an hour of free time to unhook the electricity, drain the water heater of all its hot water, and take care not to add additional water a few days before cleaning. If the water heater’s water temperature is high, you should add some cold water after the hot water has been discharged in order to lower the temperature of the remaining water and stop the hot water from escaping the pipe while the water heater is being disassembled.

Disassembling and reassembling the parts of the solar water heater is one of the toughest and time-taking parts of the whole cleaning process so make sure you disassemble it slowly so that you remember how to assemble it back later. After thorough cleaning of panel, it will serve you for years again

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